Camila Cabello interview discusses her time in music, relationships and coming to terms with success

Camila Cabello admits she found her early 20s “so hard”.

Isn’t Camila Cabello spoiling us at the moment? Not only will she releasing her Ed Sheeran collaboration Bam Bam on March 4 (we’ve had a sneak peek and it’s AMAZING), but she’s also revealed the release date for her upcoming album Familia.

Following the great success of 2018’s Romance, Camila’s third studio album, Bam Bam, will be released on April 8 and will include both Bam Bam and her most recent hit, Don’t Go Yet.

EXCLUSIVE “Bam Bam” reaches a new peak of 13 on global Spotify with over 2.1 million streams.

“This whole album to me was inspired by two things: family and food. Your family by blood, but also your chosen family. Who you want to break bread with. Who you want to sit at the dinner table with, cook a meal for, get wine-drunk with, and dance in the living room with.

“To me, those are the moments that make me glad to be alive, those moments of collective joy and true vulnerability and connection with other people. Moments where the food you cooked together feeds your soul and so does the laughter, conversation, and emotional intimacy. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it inspires many wine drunk kitchen dance parties for you and your familia.”

The 25-year-old singer turned to therapy and self-help methods in a bid to feel “OK and stable” and now she has reached a place where she thinks she has found balance in her life and her “mental suffering” has eased.

Speaking about her upcoming album ‘Familia’, she admitted: “Before this album, I feel like early 20s were so hard, literally so hard.

“I was just like, ‘What can I do? What therapist can I see?’ Like, ‘What do I f do to just feel OK and feel stable?’

“And I’m finally at a place where I feel like I’ve had experiences, I’m doing the therapy, I’ve put in a lot of work. And I’m really at a place where I’m like, ‘OK’.

“It is true. That wisdom cannot really be gained through… Obviously, books, and reading, and podcasts, and all of the self-help s***, it’s good. But I do feel like just nothing beats experience and just living it.

“And I think I am at a point where I’m like, ‘You know what? I’m OK. I’m good.’

“I feel like I’m at a place where I don’t need things to be perfect to enjoy my life…

“I feel the most balanced and least… I feel like I have the least mental suffering that I’ve had. In my late adolescent years and my early 20s, there was a lot of that. I feel like it does show in the music that I really did not have anxiety in the studio at all.”

Camilla split from Shawn Mendes November 2021 after two years together and she admitted they have both been exploring how to be “healthy adults”, having started their careers at such a young age, and discovered the key to doing that is not to make work the top priority.

She said: “Those years that we were dating, I don’t even feel like, even while I was writing this album, and even still now, I guess, my focus is really on, how can I be a well-rounded person? And apart from my career, my focus wasn’t even on my career…

“And same thing with those years that we were together. My focus was just, how can I live a happy life and be in a healthy, happy relationship?

“I was doing therapy a lot. My focus really has shifted. And even now while I’m in promo mode, honestly, if I’m not having fun, what’s the f point? I think as I get older, yeah, the priorities shift. And I feel like that was that way for both of us.

“Because we both started so young too, we’re really learning how to be healthy adults. And that sometimes means not having your number one focus be your career. And that’s OK.”

FAMILIA. Out April 8.”

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