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Dawn Richard and Spencer Zahn will collaborate on new album ‘Pigments’.

The two have worked with each other for some time, with Dawn Richard having previously contributed to Spencer Zahn’s album ‘People Of The Dawn’.

Dawn Richard comments: “This album is what it means to be a dreamer and finally reach a place where you’ve decided to love the pigments that you have.”

Released October 21st, the project is a fascinating blurring of the edges between a maverick R&B trailblazer and a complex multi-instrumentalist – stripped from the album, Movement 1 (containing four pieces of music) is online now.

Tune in below.

1. Coral
2. Sandstone
3. Indigo
4. Vantablack
5. Sienna
6. Cerulean
7. Opal
8. Saffron
9. Crimson
10. Cobalt
11. Umber

Incoming LP ‘Pigments’ is their first full blown collaboration, however, and it’s set to land on October 21st via Merge Records.

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