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Eden Samara has shared plans for debut album ‘Rough Night’.

The Canadian artist links with Local Action for the new release, constructed alongside co-producer Ryan Pierre. Eden’s voice comes to the fore on the new release, but the eight-tracker locates room for a number of collaborators.

Opening herself out to new influences, ‘Rough Night’ features Call Super, Shanti Celeste, TSVI and Loraine James.

The Canadian artist confirms there is a narrative streak to the album, explaining that ‘Rough Night’ “offers eight scenes that through music tells my own ‘coming of age’ story.”

She explains: “I think well into our adulthood we still go through cycles of losing ourselves and finding ourselves again, so the album encompasses a cycle of growing pains, then coming out the other end where one might appear the same but inside something has shifted. The first scene opens on my headspace at the beginning of the album. The following scenes capture moments in time – falling in love, self-acceptance, loss, sex and sexuality, confusion, and arriving back at the beginning.”

Continuing, Eden Samara emphasises the evolutionary nature of the project. “This record was also an important part of discovering myself as an artist and how I make music. I wanted the album as a whole to sound a bit unpolished, like real people making music with little to no equipment and a lot of heart. It sounds like a bedroom record because it was me figuring out how to engineer, comp, and produce and the mistakes that come with learning. You can hear them all in the record and I’m proud of them.”

“It documents producer Ryan Pierre and I making sketches of these songs together in Toronto, and finishing them with the help of new friends we met after moving to London. The album was created across these two cities in countless bedrooms and living rooms. We kept in moments of us talking to each other during the recording process, to bring the listener with us on the journey.”

New song ‘D4M’ is online now, and it’s dappled in neon light, a kind of twilight appeal that emphasises her programming expertise. The drifting vocals contain pangs of allure, with the shuffling rhythmic appeal linking the physical to the cerebral.

‘Rough Night’ will be released through Local Action on November 1st.

1. Ultimatum
2. The Local
3. Growing Into Your New Skin
4. Sophie
5. D4M
6. Interlude
7. Madonna
8. Rough Night

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