Eminem And Kanye West ask $1 million to perform at private function

Eminem And Kanye West Refuse To Play At NFL Owner’s Party Due To Financial issues. Everyone has their price and it turns out that Eminem’s and Kanye West’s is too expensive even for the NFL!

Eminem is one of the most successful rappers of all-time and with that he is also one of the most expensive.

Eminem And Kanye West ask $1 million to perform at private function
Eminem And Kanye West ask $1 million to perform at private function

Music News :The 41 year-old does have a price and the NFL owner could not match it.

Em has refused to play at a party on Super Bowl weekend for the owner of the NFL because they would not meet his demands of a fee of $2 million, according to MarkMeets.

The party, which will be attended by 1,500 lucky guests, and its organisers will not agree to pay the ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2’ hit maker his asking price, and they have also looked to hire the services of Kanye West.

But it is a similar story, the ‘Yeezus’ rapper also required a big purse for providing the evening’s entertainment as one source told the gossip site, “It was $1 million, plus plus plus a lot of other perks.”

However, the good news is the owner did eventually get an artist to play at his party and it was for a dramatically lower asking price.

Janelle Monae will be headlining the evening and she only asked for a mere $150,000, maybe the group didn’t get their preferred performer but they will at least save quite a large amount of cash.

She will not be the only artist performing, throughout Super Bowl week there will be several high-profile acts playing at different venues throughout New York City with big-name DJs attracting the most attention and they are asking for between $750k to $1 million.

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