Halsey approaches new album with ‘no strict genre parameters’

Halsey Explores New Sounds for Upcoming Album

Halsey, the talented singer known for hits like ‘Without Me’ and ‘Bad at Love,’ is currently working on her next album, and she’s taking an experimental approach to its creation. In response to a fan’s inquiry on Twitter, she shared some insights into the process and her creative mindset. Let’s take a closer look at what she had to say.

Approaching the Album with an Open Mind

When asked about her progress with the upcoming record, Halsey revealed that she is approaching it much like she did with her 2020 album ‘Manic.’ For her, there are no strict genre boundaries or limitations in place. She’s focusing on making music that feels right to her and connects with her emotions. This freestyle approach to songwriting allows her to explore different sounds and ideas, resulting in some of her best work to date.

Life Experiences as Songwriting Inspiration

Halsey mentioned that since the release of her last album, ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power,’ a lot has happened in her life. These experiences have undoubtedly influenced her songwriting, and fans can expect her new album to be a reflection of her growth and evolution as an artist.

A Shift in Record Labels

In recent news, Halsey made headlines when she signed a new record deal with Columbia Records. This move came after parting ways with Capitol Records, where she spent eight successful years. While the reason for the split from Capitol’s Astralwerks imprint was not explicitly disclosed, there was some speculation about a dispute over her song ‘So Good.’ Allegedly, the label wanted the track to go viral on TikTok before its official release, leading to some conflicts between Halsey and Capitol.

Halsey’s Stand on Creative Freedom

Through her viral TikTok, Halsey voiced her frustration about the delay in releasing ‘So Good’ and expressed the desire for creative freedom. In the end, the song found its way to the audience, but this incident highlighted the importance of artists having control over their work. With her new partnership with Columbia Records, she might have found the support and freedom she needs to fully explore her artistic vision.

A Diverse Musical Journey

As Halsey experiments with different sounds for her upcoming album, it’s worth noting the musical journey she has taken throughout her career. From her early hits like ‘Closer’ to the powerful and intimate ‘Without Me,’ her discography showcases her versatility as an artist. With each album, she has pushed the boundaries of her artistry, and fans eagerly anticipate the surprises she has in store for them this time.

Fans’ Anticipation and Expectations

Halsey’s fans are known for their loyalty and unwavering support. They have been eagerly awaiting news about her upcoming album and have been buzzing with excitement since her last release, ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.’ With her openness about exploring new genres and her commitment to making music that resonates with her, fans can expect a deeply personal and authentic experience from her next record.


Halsey’s approach to her new album, with no strict genre limitations, reflects her dedication to artistic exploration and growth. As she continues to share her life experiences through her music, fans eagerly await the release of her upcoming work. The shift to Columbia Records might signal a new chapter in her career, where she can enjoy the creative freedom she desires. As her musical journey unfolds, Halsey’s fans stand firmly by her side, ready to embrace and celebrate her artistry.

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