How does Sir Mick Jagger enjoy his spare time on The Rolling Stones No Filter tour?

Sir Mick Jagger now spend a lot of time hiking on The Rolling Stones’ US tour, a long way from the star decades ago!

Having travelled the world with the The Rolling Stones frontman has revealed he spent more time outdoors during his downtime in between shows on the iconic rock ‘n’ roll group’s most recent ‘No Filter Tour’ in the US, instead of going to dive bars, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He shared: “Each town has something of great interest, whether it’s a beautiful park, or a lovely picture, or a museum that’s interesting to you, or some odd thing that you never thought of.

“Local people tell me that that’s a popular dive bar when I get there. In normal times, I would go into the bar and spend time in there. But, you know, I didn’t want to do that because of COVID. So I just went outside.”
Among the places the 78-year-old singer visited and photographed last year, was the Thirsty Beaver in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In an interview with Cult Crunch, he continued: “Touring’s a pretty urban thing, so it’s nice to get out in nature and see a different perspective on things when you go to places like that. It’s wild. I went for some long hikes in some of these other places where I didn’t take any pictures.”

The ‘Satisfaction’ rocker added how bandmate Keith Richards, 78, “has a different approach to how he handles being on tour. I mean, he does occasionally go out to eat. But I think the COVID thing … people quite rightly got worried about what would happen if they ran into a crowd of people.”


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