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Spotify is one of today’s most popular music streaming platforms, and the app offers both desktop and mobile versions for users. In addition to following artists or music genres that you are a fan of, the service allows you to follow people you may be friends with and share music, collaborate on playlists, or simply see what the other person is listening to. 

If you are wondering how to search for people on Spotify and connect with your friends through the app, read on, as our article will tell you everything you need to know.

Spotify People Searches

There are a few different ways to find people on Spotify. We list the most common ways to connect with friends and follow others via Spotify. Remember that you will need an account to perform these searches.

1. Find People on Spotify With Facebook

This search method requires that you have a Facebook account and that it’s connected to your Spotify account. To find people on Spotify that you might be friends with on Facebook, navigate to your Facebook profile and ensure that Spotify has access to your friend’s list. Then, head to Spotify and scroll down until you reach the app’s “friend feed.”

You can tap or click on the option that says ‘find friends’ and your friend’s list from Facebook will appear, allowing you to navigate through and find people you may want to follow. Then tap the person’s profile and the ‘follow’ button to keep up to date with their Spotify activity.

2. Find People on Spotify With the Desktop App

To find people on Spotify using the desktop app and no connected service, such as Facebook, navigate to your Spotify home screen on your computer. You will need to locate the search bar and then type in the username of the person you are searching for—you must know their username for this—searching by their real name alone will not bring up the correct account you might be searching for.

Once you perform the search with the correct username, the profile you are searching for will appear, and you can interact with it or follow the person to connect with them on Spotify.

3. Connecting with Producers on Spotify

Embarking on a journey to become a music producer involves not only honing your craft but also building connections within the music community. A valuable tip to kickstart your journey is to leverage Spotify’s vast network. Once you’ve mastered the art of finding people on Spotify through your smartphone app, consider connecting with fellow music enthusiasts, artists, and experienced producers. By engaging with their profiles and exploring their curated playlists, you can gain insights into different production styles, techniques, and industry trends. This direct interaction fosters a sense of community and opens doors to collaborative opportunities. As you delve into the world of music production, remember that Spotify is not just a platform for discovering music but also a powerful tool for networking with like-minded individuals who share your passion. Take the first step towards becoming a music producer by establishing meaningful connections within the vibrant Spotify community.

4. How to Become a Music Producer

Aspiring to carve your niche in the music industry? Unlock the secrets of success on spotify andlearn how to become a music producer. Where the music landscape is constantly evolving, producers play a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s future. Whether you’re a budding artist or an enthusiast fascinated by the art of music creation, our comprehensive insights will walk you through the essential steps, from honing your technical skills to establishing your unique sound. Dive into the world of music production and discover the transformative journey that awaits those aspiring to become music producers.

5. Find People on Spotify With Your Smartphone App

Searching for people on Spotify using your smartphone is a fairly similar process to searching via desktop. Simply navigate to the Spotify app on your phone and then locate the search bar. Next, type the username of the profile you are searching for into the search bar, run the search, and then view the profile it pulls up. You can then double-check this is the right profile and choose to follow the person if you want. 

Keep in mind that the username must be correct when you type it in if you want to ensure you have the right account. A result that tells you no profiles exist may indicate that you have the wrong username or have mistyped the username.

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6. Find People on Spotify Without Searching Their Names

Another easy way to locate someone on Spotify without searching for their name is to share a profile link or have them share a profile link with you. To do this, navigate to your Spotify profile either on the desktop app or on your smartphone. Next, tap or click the three dots on the profile and select the option to ‘copy link to profile.’ 

When searching on a smartphone, you can share the link to your profile through a text message or another app, like Instagram. 

Once the link has been sent to the person you want to connect with on Spotify, they can click it and go to your profile. From there, they can follow you, and you can locate them by selecting your list of followers and browsing through it.

Alternatively, they can send you a direct link to their profile, and you can select it. From there, you can view their profile and choose whether or not to follow if you find people on Spotify

Troubleshooting Spotify People Searches

Spotify people searches are typically straightforward, but you may have trouble getting started. Review the following troubleshooting tips to figure out what might stop you from easily finding people on Spotify.

Unable To See Facebook Friends With Spotify

If you cannot see your Facebook friends list with Spotify, two main issues might be behind this. First, your Facebook account may not be properly configured to allow your friends list to be shared with Spotify. You can confirm this by navigating to your Facebook profile and looking through the options settings where you permit your data to be shared with other apps.

Another problem may be that you can’t find the ‘find friends’ option on Spotify. If this happens, refresh your app and ensure you have the latest updates. Then, attempt to locate the ‘find friends’ option again and browse through your Facebook friends list. If you still can’t find it, the issue might be caused by Facebook not properly sharing information. You can always contact the Spotify help center in this case to get more information about your next steps.

Limited Searching Information

In instances where you have limited search information available to you, you might be wondering how to find out if your friends and family even have a Spotify account or other social media accounts in the first place. The trick to finding this information is using an online person search on to find all the online accounts that might be connected to a certain name or phone number. From there, you can try and figure out the person’s username, online presence, or contact information so you can eventually connect on Spotify.

Removing People From Spotify

If you’ve found someone on Spotify and chose to follow them but then changed your mind, you might want to know how to remove that person. This is a simple process—all you have to do is navigate to your list of the profiles you are following and tap or click on the profile you want to remove. From there, tap or click the ‘unfollow’ option. You will then no longer be connected with this person on Spotify.

Finding the Spotify Information You Need

Fortunately, searching Spotify to find people or connect with your friends is not too difficult. Simply review the search options listed above and select the best that works for you, or perform an online people search to gain more information about someone’s online presence before beginning your Spotify search. Whichever method you use, you are sure to connect with your friends or family on Spotify in no time.

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