James Arthur says his debut album had ‘too many producers’

Last year’s X Factor winner James Arthur has admitted that be believes his debut album suffered from there being too many producers involved in its recording.

The Impossible singer – whose eponymous first album was launched at the beginning of this month – made his revelation during a record signing in London on Monday.

James Arthur
James Arthur

Digital Spy quoted Arthur as saying: “There are a lot of people that it’s mandatory that you have to work with.

“I worked with several producers in America and several here, and for my next record I certainly won’t be doing that. It’s not conducive to being creative; it takes a couple of days to build up a rapport with a producer and then after that you’re on to the next one.

“That f**ks up your creativity, so that’s the only hindrance I’ve had on this record. But I knew there was going to be a lot of fathers on this record, but it’s my debut. Next time I want to only work with one or two producers.”

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter admitted that he could have brought the album out earlier in the year – and followed it up soon after with more.

“If I could, I’d have put three albums out this year, I’ve got that much material,” he added.

“But thanks to the success of Impossible, I haven’t had to rush my album and I feel like we’ve got a better album than we would have done without that. Hopefully people will appreciate that more than getting a quick fix.

“I see this as the first step to becoming a fully developed recording artist rather than a defining moment.”

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