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Jamie T’s new album, ‘The Theory of Whatever’ news and his first live show in five years.

Jamie T has detailed his comeback

The 36-year-old indie star has released the new single, ‘The Old Style Raiders’, and announced his follow-up to 2016’s ‘Trick’ will be released on July 29.

Jamie returned to the stage for the first time since 2017, with a show booked at Subterania in Ladbroke Grove, west London, back on May 11.

He revelead “My new album The Theory of Whatever is coming out 29th July and I’m playing my first live show in five years in London next week.

He said of his comeback: “I missed being in a room with people and playing music, yeah totally.

“I miss getting in a place with people and have sweat dripping from the ceiling.”

Jamie previously quit music for a number of years as he struggled to cope with the big crowds at his gigs as his fame grew due to the success of his first two albums, 2007’s ‘Panic Prevention’ and 2009’s ‘Kings and Queens’.

And while the ‘Zombie’ singer still gets “quite anxious”, he’s able to work around it better these days.

He explained: “I like to keep my head in the sand a lot with this because I get quite anxious with this stuff.

“My way of doing it nowadays is people just tell me where to go and what I’m meant to be doing and I do it that day because if I have time to think about it I worry … and then I just end up an anxious mess.”

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