Jessie J dedicates her latest single Thunder to someone special

Jessie J has revealed that her latest track, ‘Thunder’, is about her Christian beliefs and she wrote it after becoming more ”comfortable” speaking about religion.

She told the Mirror : ”’Thunder’ is a dedication to God. That’s why in the video I’m levitating – that feeling of being lifted to the light.

Jessie J
Jessie J dedicates her latest single Thunder to someone special

”I remember I prayed a lot when I worked on this album and it’s not something I’ve ever spoken about openly.

”But I’m just more confident and feel more comfortable to be open about my beliefs and feelings on the world now. I thank God every day for my blessings and my talent.”

Clean living Jessie – who hasn’t touched alcohol in over a year – admits she doesn’t always go to church because of her hectic work schedule, which sees her perform all over the world, but her religion always travels with her.

She added: ”Whenever I can I do go to church and I feel that when you’re right with your religion, your church travels with you.

”I’ve very much enjoyed bringing my beliefs onto the album. I think it’s important that whatever your beliefs are you use them in your

day-to-day life.”

Lyrics to ‘Thunder’ – from Jessie’s second album, ‘Alive’ – include: ”Now I’m falling down, you lift me up to the clouds.”

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