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Jharrel Jerome, known for his work in film, such as his role in “Moonlight,” has been delving into the world of hip-hop, recently releasing two EPs this year – “Rap Pack” and “Trip Pack.” After spending nearly a decade working on music, Jerome sat down for a conversation on the latest episode of MarkMeets News. He discussed his motivation for releasing music in this manner, the deeper significance behind his project, and his future in the film industry.

Jerome expressed his desire to prove himself as a musician, having written music for a significant part of the past six or seven years. He aims to showcase his musical journey through his releases. He explained his unique approach to rolling out his music, citing the decline of traditional album culture: “The reason I’m releasing it in packs like this is because I believe album culture is a little dead right now. Instead, I want to dish it out in a way that’s digestible and understandable. For me, I want to make sure at the end of it all, I’m not just an actor-turned-rapper, but that I’m an artist. And I want people to not only see that I’ve been doing it for a long time, but to believe that I’ve been doing it for a long time.”

These EPs are part of a larger project titled “Someone I’m Not.” Jerome elaborated on the title, which carries multiple meanings. It relates to his career in film, where he often embodies characters different from himself, and also reflects how he is perceived by the public. He explained, “[The title]’s a play on the profession that I do in my career, embodying something that I’m not and transforming into a character that I have to create, but to me the irony is also how it correlated to my real life as well. My life changed dramatically in the last few years of my life. I’m still trying to adjust … I’m not all the way ready to be [a certain person] to somebody, so here he or she is viewing me as somebody I’m not.”

Regarding his acting career, Jerome expressed his strong interest in taking on more film roles but emphasized the importance of being selective. He acknowledged that he was fortunate to be a part of projects with significant cultural impact early in his career, and he wants to continue in the same vein. He mentioned, “I feel like I got spoiled early by being a part of projects that are culturally so impactful. I think when you receive a chance like that you don’t wanna go back. You don’t wanna do anything less. I would never quit acting; I’m very selective, and I want the role to challenge me. I want to be 45 and look at my credits and be like ‘Damn, I was patient and I was willing to do the harder things.'” Jerome’s impressive filmography includes projects like “Full Circle” and “When They See Us,” among others.

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