Kasabian inspired by Kanye West

Kasabian’s new album was inspired by Kanye West.

The British band were impressed with the controversial rapper’s experimental comeback album ‘Yeezus’, which was both praised and torn apart by critics upon its release last summer, and wanted to make the same bold moves in the world of rock.

 Kasabian inspired by Kanye West | MarkMeets Music News |

Serge Pizzorno, the band’s guitarist and chief songwriter, told nme: ”The moves he pulled, for the person he is and how mainstream he is, you have to take your hat off. In rock music I don think anyone’s pulled that move. Not to sound like Kanye, but to go ‘f**k it’. I wanted to do the same. I want people to listen to a rock band who play guitars, but are not just a rock band.

”The sound of the record was already in place, but ‘Yeezus’ reinforced the need for me to pull moves, for songs to be seven minutes and stop in the middle and change, for synths to be too loud, for lyrics to be f**king throwdowns. We’re a big band and there’s so much you can do. You don’t want to just stand still.”

The bushy-bearded musician is confident Kasabian are close to crafting the ”future” of rock music.

Serge added: ”Future rock ‘n’ roll. I bang on about it all the time. There’s incredible electronic music being made, and incredible rock music being made. No-one’s combined the two. Yet. And this is the closest I’ve got.”

Singer Tom Meighan chimed in: ”I’m worried for every other band.”

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