Katy Perry teases new music is on the way ‘very soon’


Katy Perry has vowed to release new music “very soon”.

The ‘American Idol’ judge’s fans – who are nicknamed Katy Cats – are in store for a treat in the not-so-distant future.

She teased in an interview with ‘Extra’: “I’m gonna give them what they deserve very soon.”

The ‘Roar’ hitmaker – who released her sixth record ‘Smile’ in 2020 – previously teased that she would focus on a new record once her Las Vegas residency ends on November 4.

Appearing on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’, she said: “I’ll probably go and make another record soon and write it and tour the world after this, which will be so great.”

The 38-year-old superstar admitted she has a “persona” when she takes to the stage for the ‘Katy Perry:PLAY’ show at the Resorts World Theatre, and she saves “a lot of that energy” for her live shows.

She explained: “I think, obviously, there’s an onstage persona. And I save a lot of that energy for being onstage and I dial it up.

“I really love this show that I put on. It’s my favourite show, it’s bringing the most joy.”

Katy explained she doesn’t “talk a lot offstage” as she prefers to wait until she can turn things “up to 11” in front of a live crowd.

She added: “I’m pretty, like, even offstage. I’m more, like, businesswoman; I don’t talk a lot offstage… I’m very, kind of, an observer.

“I really save my energy for when I have to go and turn it on. ‘Cause when I turn it on, it’s up to 11, girl.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Teenage Dream’ singer is set to perform at King Charles and Queen Camila’s Coronation Concert on May 7 – and she gets to stay at Windsor Castle.

She said: “I’m really excited … I might be posting a lot because I’m gonna be in a castle, for real. This is wild.”

Harry Styles sends fans wild as he confirms Satellite as next single

Harry Styles has announced his next single, sending fans into a frenzy – as to be expected.

The former One Direction star, 29, is currently on a break from his epic Love On Tour shows, but is set to return to the stage in a matter of weeks in Europe.

But keen to prove he is the gift that never stops giving, Harry has offered his fans something to keep them going until then.

With a very intriguing social media post on his HSHQ page this weekend, the singer announced that the next single from his Harry’s House album will be *drumroll* Satellite!

The announcement was made with a series of posters, showing the sweetest little robot roaming around the place – and it’s giving us major Wall-E vibes.

And it’s fair to say that fans were, quite literally, sent into a spin.

‘MY FAVORITE SONG’S BECOMING A SINGLE !!!!!’, one fan wrote.

‘i’m gonna fall on the floor and die and never get up’, another wrote and, honestly, same.

Another declared: ‘i’m going to start sobbing any minute (i’m already crying)’

It later emerged that the robot in the posters is named Stomper, in a nod to what fans have called the ‘Satelite stomps’ that Harry does as he dances around the stage while performing the track live.

The music video drops on May 3, so there really isn’t long to wait.

Of course, the first single from Harry’s third solo album was As It Was, which went on to achieve massive success and even win him a Grammy.

The second single was Late Night Talking, while the third was Music For A Sushi Restaurant.

Harry has been letting his hair down over recent weeks and enjoying the calm before the storm of the final leg of his tour, having joined James Corden in LA for his last ever Late Late Show.

Appearing on the sofa alongside Will Ferrell, the Golden singer expressed his pride as James bowed out after eight years fronting the talk show.
He also spilled the beans on his thoughts on a 1D reunion, following rumours that the band were getting back together to see Late Late off.

Teasing reuniting sometime in the future, Harry made it clear earlier this week that he would never rule it out.

After pausing to think, he began: ‘I would never say never to that.’

As the audience cheered loudly, James leaned in and gave Harry a high five.

Harry continued: ‘I think if there was a time where we all felt that that was what we wanted to do then I don’t see why we wouldn’t.’

Hazza seems to be doing just fine on his own for now though and continues to make headlines without trying, whether it’s a shock smooch with Emily Ratajkowski or earning prestigious nominations for his songwriting.

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