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Irish folk group Lankum are back.

The band’s extraordinary breakthrough record ‘The Livelong Day’ made a profound impact on its 2019 release, the scorched emotion of the performances matched to a no-frills production technique that truly let the songs breathe.

Garnering enormous acclaim – including that year’s RTE Choice Music Prize – Lankum then set about crafting a follow-up.

So, some good news: the wait is over. New album ‘False Lankum’ lands on March 24th propelled by Rough Trade Records, and their UK run in May is completely sold out. Demand is so great, in fact, that Lankum will play London’s historic Roundhouse on December 13th.

The record is led by Lankum’s take on ‘Go Dig My Grave’, a song uncovered by the band’s Radie Peat and informed by Jean Ritchie’s almighty performance of the song, recorded back in 1962.

It’s a blood-and-guts recording, retaining the emotional punch that made Lankum’s previous work so enthralling.

Lankum comment…

“Our interpretation of the traditional song Go Dig My Grave is one that centres around the emotion of grief – all-consuming, unbearable and absolute…”

“A visceral physical reaction to something that the body and mind are almost incapable of processing. The second part of the song is inspired by the Irish tradition of keening (from the Irish caoineadh) – a traditional form of lament for the deceased. Regarded by some as opening up ‘perilous channels of communication with the dead’, the practice came under severe censure from the catholic church in Ireland from the 17th century on.”

Tune in now.

1. Go Dig My Grave
2. Clear Away In the Morning
3. Fugue I
4. Master Crowley’s
5. Newcastle
6. Fugue II
7. Netta Perseus
8. The New York Trader
9. Lord Abore and Mary Flynn
10. Fugue III
11. On a Monday Morning
12. The Turn

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