Lily Allen on hearing her music in clubs

Lily Allen admits she finds it ”weird” when she hears her own music in night clubs and that very often she just wants to leave!

Lily Allen on hearing her music in clubs  | MarkMeets News |
The ‘Hard Out Here’ singer, who is celebrating after her comeback album ‘Sheezus’ went to number one in the UK Album Chart on Sunday (12.05.14), sometimes feels like hiding if one of her songs comes on in a bar because she finds it embarrassing.

Speaking to GQ, she said: ”Usually if I’m in a club and my music comes on I find the nearest table and hide underneath it. That’s generally how I deal with it.”

The 29-year-old star insists she doesn’t feel excited when she’s with people and her music comes in a club and it makes her uncomfortable if someone purposefully put it on.

She explained: ”It’s quite funny because in some places they think that’s the appropriate thing to do when someone like myself walks in is to play their song. I think I might be different to most people in the sense that I react: I’m horrified when that happens and hide. I’m sure some people get on the table and dance ‘Woo hoo! This is great.’ But I can’t do that.”

Lily thanked her followers on Twitter yesterday for getting it to the top spot, she wrote: ”Yay!!!!!! Number 1 album, thank you lots and lots everyone. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. (sic)”

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