Mary J. Blige wanted to wed Michael Jackson

Mary J. Blige used to be obsessed with Michael Jackson when she was younger and thought she was going to marry him.

The ‘Be Without You’ singer was a huge fan of the late King of Pop and had a huge crush on him when she was growing up.

Mary J. Blige wanted to wed Michael Jackson
Mary J. Blige wanted to wed Michael Jackson

She admitted: ”As a kid, I was in love with Michael Jackson, and I just knew I was going to marry him someday.”

Mary nearly didn’t become a singer as she was so good at doing people’s hair and thought she would end up doing that full time.

She added to Us Weekly magazine: ”Growing up, I was the preferred hairstylist for all of my friends.

The star also talked about her backstage rituals and how she always has a soothing drink to help loosen and warm up her vocal cords before giving a concert.

She said: ”I still get nervous about singing. I drink tea with honey and lemon before every concert. And I need to have scented candles in all of my hotel rooms.”

When asked “Why did ity take you so long to releases your first Christmas album, ‘A Mary Christmas’, she replied ” I always wanted to do a Christmas album. When I worked with Andrea Bocelli on his, David Foster [Bocelli’s producer] (1) talked to me about doing one. And then I worked with Rod Stewart on his, and early on I covered Stevie Wonder’s Someday at Christmas, so I knew I was ready. I’ve brought the feeling of the songs to life”.

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