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Soulful Pop artist Michee returned with his latest heartfelt single ‘On Fire’, released on 20th May and the video premiered on MarkMeets.com in a world exclusive  
The newest offering from the Swiss-born, Italian artist sees him explore his own emotions, reflecting on falling in love at first sight and effectively picturing how it feels to be, in his own words: “captured and in love.” Mixed and mastered at the prestigious Powerplay Studios (Lady Gaga, Prince, Backstreet Boys), Michee aims to spread his message to as many people as possible, sharing the passion and emotion he felt when he was younger through his music, and inspiring everyone to be just as honest, free and expressive in their feelings.
Music news caught up with Michee to find out more.When did you fall in love with music, and how did you know it was the career for you?
When I was six years old my grandfather gave me a small accordion and my passion for music blossomed. In my youth I discovered my ability to amaze people with my music and so I chose this path.

Tell us what inspired you to write ‘On Fire.
An impossible love story from the past; a love at first sight that grabs you and doesn’t let go.

The music video for ‘On Fire’ is beautiful. Tell us about the concept behind it.
The director, Jerome Knaus, chose an old cinema in my hometown from 1953 as the location. My son and his wife are the actors in the love story, watching the movie at the cinema.They reenact that situation I had in the past. The story shown in black and white images was all recorded with a cell phone.

What are you most proud of about this single and video?
At first I recorded the song with a faster groove but I was not satisfied. I decided to make it slower, a bit more laid-back. While playing the song, I kept falling in the 6/8 rhythm like the song ‘If You Don’t Know Me By Now’. This change was the right decision, creating a fantastic vibe. I’m proud that I could convince Roman Roth, drummer of Symply Red and master of this 6/8 rhythm, and Luca Colombo, the Italian guitar icon who gave the song that unmistakable bluesy touch.

Which artists do you admire most?
Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Billy Joel, Elton John, and Paul McCartney.

You clearly are an experienced musician, writing and performing in multiple languages. What advice do you have for other artists who are at the start of their careers?
Listeners in different languages are never the same. It’s very difficult to please two different audiences so it may be better to focus on one language and then add another language when you’re already established.

Do you have anything else for your fans to look forward to from you in 2022?
I will be releasing an album with nine new songs at the end of the year.

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