Paisley Parc promise more music following success of their EP ‘Long Time Coming’

Paisley Parc

‘Long Time Coming’ couldn’t be better title for Welsh Indie-Rock Paisley Parc’s forthcoming EP out on the 26th November 2021, the seven track.

The goup classify their sound as gritty, punchy, melodic and diverse and the record delivers a energetic, melodic non mainstream rock tunes catches all that Paisley Parc represents; youthful sentiment, growing up and finding a way in this day and age. Like a ton of music delivered in the previous year, the EP was conceived out of lockdown as Paisley Parc wanted to play different shows in London toward the start of the year. Anxious to get their music out to their developing fanbase they took to the studio with Welsh maker James Weaver to sort out the record that would go about as their inheritance to this abnormal and strange time.

“We believe that using the time of lockdown due to the Pandemic is something that will eventually prove to be a positive for us and our fans.

The word Pandemic has Greek origins meaning ALL (pan) and PEOPLE (demos) and we hope that all people from all over the world will eventually get to hear and appreciate the music that we were able to write, record and produce over this period.”

‘Paisley Parc deliver a young fresh rock sound on their thumping EP Long Time Coming’

The EP opens with stand apart track ‘Hello Lady’ which includes an enormous weighty bass riff and amazingly snappy snare, the story behind the track’s verses depicts a youthful fellows Friday evening to remember meeting ladies that he unavoidably will lament returning home within the first part of the day.

This opener fits well inside the subject of Paisley Parc’s music and goes about as an ideal leaping off point for the record. “Long Time Coming’ Provides the perfect soundtrack”

EP: Long Time Coming
Release Date: 26.11..2021

Second track, ‘LOST’ was the latest delivery from the band, the intriguing idea driving the track is the tale of a more youthful kid who is appealed by a more established lady or a ‘cougar’, rapidly understanding he’s out of his profundity, thinking twice about everything and feeling lost. The motivation for the track is based around the exemplary 1960s film ‘The Graduate’ which follows a large part of a similar story line and highlights the scandalous ‘Mrs Robinson’. ‘LOST’ is Littered with crunchy riffs and cunning, infectious vocal tunes from lead artist Jack; all integrated with weighty steady rhythm drumming.

‘Never Played It Safe’ takes Paisley Parc in a somewhat unique bearing, the weighty hitting number brings a great deal of feeling and takes us on the excursion of a person pondering their past having committed a great deal of errors however continuously gaining from them and embracing them as their own. This track is as of now a group pleaser that will undoubtedly have crowds reciting back each word.

“Paisley Parc offer an energetic, melodic sound and feel-good zest”  – Mark Boardman music journalist.

“An exemplary simple listening rock melody with a vibe decent snare that makes you need to drive Route 66 in an open top Cadillac and remind yourself that your fate is in your own hands” – ‘Take Control’ is the fourth track on ‘Bound to happen’, written amidst the pandemic it goes about as a method for exhibiting the groups ability to break on with their melodic excursion and conquer the difficulties that came with Covid. Other new material from the EP incorporates ‘Come Around’ a curve track which shows the groups broad scope of songwriting capacities.

‘This Way’ is an all around set track free from the record which follows an ordinary high school romantic tale and catches the irresistible, young and defiant energy of the band coming total with an expert, cleaned music video. Likewise the last track of the delivery ‘Album’ was the first of the series of music which Paisley Parc brought out all through 2021 and has additionally had immense achievement on streaming stages, added to various new music playlists. Both ‘This Way’ and ‘CD’ have now accomplished over 50k streams on Spotify, setting a decent reason for the record to come.

“‘CD’ is a restless alternative rock track driven by heavy guitar riffs and bouncy rhythm sections.”

With more music got ready for 2022 which will be delivered by Grammy designated maker Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon, Busted), Paisley Parc as of now have a ton ready to go and ‘Long Time Coming’ is the ideal way for them to adjust a generally fruitful year. Make certain to watch out for their socials for additional on this delivery.



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