Pixie Lott reveals plans for new album in 2023

Pixie Lott will “definitely” release a new album in 2023.

Pixie is a fashion icon and loves a red carpet event though the younger generation forget she is a singer! The ‘Mama Do’ hitmaker has confirmed plans to finally drop a follow-up to her third record, which was 2014’s self titled collection, and she is looking to unveil the new material sooner rather than later.

The star revealed “I am really excited to put out some new music next year. It’s an album.

“Dates always change but it’s definitely next year. It’s going to be singles first and then an album at the end of the spring or early summer.”

The 31-year-old singer revealed she’s moving away from “dance pop” to embrace more of a “live music vibe”.

She added: “It has more of a live music vibe and it is not as dance pop as before. have been so excited to make this album and it’s taken me four years.

“It is a live-sounding album. I am so excited to be able to sing the songs live.”

Pixie – who joined ‘The Voice’ spin-off ‘The Voice Kids’ in 2017 – has been asking fellow coach Danny Jones for tips after showing the McFly star some of the new material.

She said: “I was actually playing them backstage and in the chair, asking Danny what he thought in between acts.”

Meanwhile, Pixie previously claimed that her songwriting skills are getting better all the time and she had learned to feel more confident in her musical talents.

She said: “I think as you grow in confidence and have more life experiences it’s easier to voice them out loud in a room of your co-writers.

“You don’t mind putting ideas out there whether they are good or bad.

“When I was younger, I wasn’t always up for getting my ideas across in case it backfired.”

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