Rough Copy’s No.1 single ambition

X Factor’s Rough Copy are back and are focussing their attention on getting their debut single at No.1.

The single is a cover of Anita Baker’s ‘Sweet Love’, and will be released on June 29th.

Rough Copy's No.1 single ambition | MarkMeets Music News |
The R&B band, Kazeem Ajobe, Sterling Ramsey and Joey Thomas, were at the centre of a controversy during the X Factor shows, as it was discovered that Ajobe was charged with assault and drugs, and was struggling to get a US visa as a result.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Ajobe said: “That whole visa situation was about timing. Getting a visa to go to America is not something you can do overnight. But that’s all sorted now.

“Breaking America is the dream but breaking the UK is the plan first. And I want to go to Japan. I’m excited to travel. We are definitely using what happened in our past to help show others that you can turn it around.

“What happened taught me a lesson and it’s made me who I am today. It was inevitable it would come out on X Factor so I was prepared for it. But I have moved on and learned.”

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