SALOMEA Shares Her Advice For Aspiring Musicians

Rebekka Salomea said her journey as a musician began when she was a child, so it only makes sense that she’s a treasure trove of advice for those looking to get into the business, themselves.

How did the advice SALOMEA received change her outlook on the creative process, as well as the advice she’d give her younger self, given the chance.

The singer reveals advice she’d give to any aspiring musician.

Rebekka Salomea Shares The Best Advice She’s Ever Received

Not counting her childhood years spent making music in the backseat of her family car, Rebekka has spent nearly a decade as a professional musician.

As such, over the last nine years, she’s been on the receiving end of some stellar advice from those in the know.

That said, there’s one pearl of wisdom that’s truly stuck out among the rest.

“I was told not to ‘want’ or ‘try’ or ‘attempt’ anything while singing – but to simply sing for myself, and let others witness that intimate moment.”

For Rebekka, that’s been an ongoing process, and she’s quick to admit that it’s often much easier said than done.

In fact, she acknowledges, “It’s an intense lesson I am still processing.”

However, intense or not, it’s something she’s committed to.

“I’m on a mission to thoroughly and completely love my voice, and to just not be afraid.”

Rebekka Salomea Shares The Advice She’d Give To Other Aspiring Musicians

Just as Rebekka has received profound words of wisdom from those who’ve gone before her, she’s also learned a thing or two on her own, along the way – and now, she’s more than willing to pay it forward by sharing what she’s learned.

“You have to listen,” she urges. Really listen. And ask questions, too.”

“We learn and grow so much from other people’s experiences and perspectives.”

However, she doesn’t just mean ‘listening’ to people’s words, thoughts and ideas in the abstract sense. She also means it in the most stripped back sense of the word: to sounds.

“There’s so much we can learn from new, strange sounds,” she muses.

“If we give ourselves space to truly hear – and sit with the heard – recognize, accept, maybe (though not necessarily) try to understand … that’s more powerful than we could ever begin to imagine.”

Rebekka Salomea Reveals What She’d Tell Her Younger Self, Given The Opportunity

In spite of everything she’s learned from others throughout her musical journey, there are some things Rebekka Salomea wishes she’d known when she was younger.

However, the singer makes sure to point out that some of those lessons were what she needed to learn from within herself. And, it’s precisely because of that inner journey that SALOMEA’s newest single, “LOVE U” came to be.

Asked for her final words on the matter, she winks playfully that we need look no further than the lyrics of the new song.

But, for those who haven’t heard it yet, she’s happy to give a sample of the song’s biggest message in the meantime – one aimed not just at herself, but to anyone who needs to hear it:

“Girl – you are right

You are worthy

You are heard

You are not alone.”

Simple, beautiful, and unbelievably powerful.

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