Sam Smith is seeking inspiration for his next album

23 year-old singer Sam Smith is now on the hunt for ”loads of boys” to kiss as he looks for inspiration for his upcoming album.

The ‘Like I Can’ singer needs some romance in his life to give him lyrics for his next batch of songs for his second album – which was delayed this year due to vocal cord surgery he underwent in May – and he thinks smooching ”loads” of men will help him get his creative juices flowing.

Sam Smith

When asked on UK station BBC Radio Two whether the LP will feature any love songs, he revealed: ”One song could be yes. I need to get with someone first for it to be about a relationship, so I’m just going to try and kiss loads of boys over the next year.

Sam – who split from model Jonathan Zeizel in January and has since been linked to Charlie King – is pushing for an exciting love life because he wants to steer clear of an album written about ”loneliness” and heartache, which was the basis for his acclaimed debut ‘In the Lonely Hour’.

Sam said: ”I’m always going to be sad about something. It’s not going to be about loneliness, that’s all I know. I’m just trying to live my life and see what happens. But I’ve already managed to write some pretty sad things.”

The British Grammy Award winner also revealed he’s started to feel the pressure of being an international pop superstar and admits being famous does have some major drawbacks.

He said: ”Some of the things that have happened and some of the things that I know, that I know some stuff that people don’t know, it’s all insanely overwhelming and truly hasn’t sunk in at all. I have quite a warped idea of where I’m at. I don’t really know what’s going on still.

”I think it’s the pressure in how you react, when you’re given four Grammys and you’re selling loads of records, people expect you to react in a certain way but it just hasn’t digested.”

At the gig, Sam treated an intimate audience to a set list of his biggest hits, including ‘Money On My Mind’, ‘Latch’ and ‘Stay With Me’.

Sam Smith ‘BBC Radio 2: In Concert’ setlist:

‘Only One’

‘Leave Your Lover’


‘Like I Can’


‘Not In That Way/ I Can’t Help’

‘Money On My Mind’


‘Make It To Me’

‘Stay With Me’

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