Shania Twain doesn’t know how long her voice will last

Shania Twain has admitted she doesn’t know how long her voice can last after undergoing surgery following her battle with Lyme disease.

The Man! I Feel Like A Women legend contracted Lyme disease after being bitten by a tick while horse riding in 2003, and she now has ‘crutches’ to help ‘support the airflow’.

The condition has symptoms including tiredness, aches and loss of energy, that can last for years and are often compared to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

‘I think the voice – I’m never taking it for granted because I don’t know how long this procedure will last.

‘So, I had a weakness from Lyme’s disease to the nerves that attach to the vocal cords. So, I now have two vortex implants – it’s like having crutches. They support the airflow and keep the cords moving symmetrically.

‘It may not last forever! I’m singing now, I’m taking advantage of it now – I have a different voice. It’s different, but I’m rolling with it. I have got new qualities that I’m embracing, just taking it one day at a time.

‘I can sing, and I can yell, and I can scream, and I’m just celebrating all of that, you know?’

The country-pop icon is staying productive, and spent the pandemic writing enough material for another four albums – which means there is one on the horizon to follow recent single Waking Up Dreaming.

‘I’ve written four albums over COVID, I was very productive… So, yes, I’ve written an album that hopefully will be out very soon. There’ll be more music to follow,’ she teased.

Reflecting on the new track, she said: ‘It’s very fun and colourful. I love to dream, I’m a day dreamer, my imagination is going wild… I’m one of these people, I do believe in following your dreams but I also believe in dreaming about things that may never come true, but dream them anyway! Dreaming is free!’

Meanwhile, Shania opened up on the way a singer passes on ownership of their songs once they’re put out into the world.

She explained: ‘This is what I really love about the live shows. You see the people owning the song for themselves. So – I write the song, of course it’s very personal to me. Once I record and release it, it belongs to everyone else, their stories and to whatever it is they associate to their own personal lives.’

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