Simply Red unveil their 13th studio album ‘Time’


Simply Red will return with the new album ‘Time’ on May 26, their first album in four years.

Simply Red is a British soul and pop band that was formed in Manchester in 1985. The band’s lead singer and songwriter is Mick Hucknall, who is known for his distinctive voice and red hair, which inspired the band’s name. Simply Red’s music is known for its soulful sound, incorporating elements of R&B, jazz, and pop.

The band has had a number of hits over the years, including “Holding Back the Years,” “If You Don’t Know Me By Now,” and “Stars.” They have released over a dozen studio albums, and have sold over 50 million records worldwide. Simply Red has also won numerous awards over the years, including two Brit Awards and a Grammy.

While the band has gone through various line-up changes over the years, Mick Hucknall has remained a constant presence and has been the driving force behind Simply Red’s continued success. The band continues to tour and record new music, and remains a popular and influential force in the world of soul and pop music.

The Mick Hucknall-fronted band have unveiled their follow-up to 2019’s ‘Blue Eyed Soul’ and made a triumphant comeback with the lead single ‘Better With You’, which sees the singer reminisce about meeting his wife Gabriella – who he tied the knot with in 2010 – after living a life of debauchery.

Mick, 62, said of the track: “On the song itself, I’m reminiscing on phase one of the relationship with my wife, when we first met in Milan. At that time, I was single and just partying my way around the world. And I thought to myself: well, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was just going along, having a right old time. It just stemmed from there.”

The 12-track LP spans “soul, funk, R+B and blues”.

The ‘Holding Back The Years’ hitmaker went on to explain how the COVID-19 lockdown made him realise he needed to get back to writing songs about himself.

He said: “When we were in lockdown, I went, well, jeez, who am I actually?

“What makes me tick? And I realised: you are a songwriter. So why don’t you write some songs about who you are? That’s really the essence of this album.”

Mick added: “Music is one of those wonderful communicators. Each and every person can have an interpretation of a song that can mean something to them. To be able to create something that is then shared with millions of people all over the world – what a joy. How can anything be more rewarding and fulfilling than that?”

The track-listing for ‘Time’ is:

1. ‘Better With You’

2. ‘Just Like You’

3. ‘Let Your Hair Down’

4. ‘Shades 22’

5. ‘It Wouldn’t Be Me’

6. ‘Never Be Gone’

7. ‘Too Long At The Fair’

8. ‘Slapbang’

9. ‘Hey Mister’

10. ‘Just Like You (Pt. 2)’

11. ‘Butterflies’

12. ‘Earth In A Lonely Space’

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