Singer Megan Thee Stallion granted restraining order against own record label


Megan Thee Stallion has been granted a restraining order against her own record label following allegations it had blocked her song from being used in the American Music Awards.

The Savage hitmaker has reportedly been granted a temporary restraining order against two record companies, with a court ruling there was ‘evidence that irreparable harm is imminent’ to the artist should they be allowed to block the use of her songs.

According to court documents seen by People, Megan was granted the order against her label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, and her distributor, 300 Entertainment.

It comes after Megan – who is nominated for favourite female hip-hop artist at this year’s AMAs – was reportedly approached by ABC to use her song, Her, during the show.

However the documents say Megan found out a week before that 1501 was objecting to the use of the song. Her lawyers now reportedly argue that this would ‘negatively impact [her] as an artist.’

It appears the court agrees with Megan’s lawyers, as they have granted aa temporary restraining order preventing the companies from blocking the use of Megan’s music.

The order also reportedly orders that 1501 Entertainment not interfere with the rapper’s ‘right to use, exploit, license and publish her music for promotional content’ in the lead-up to the AMAs on November 20.

In August, it was announced that Megan was suing her record label for $1million (£848,000) in damages, amending the lawsuit against 1501 after releasing what she believed to be her final album in her contract.

As well as seeking monetary reimbursement for allegedly not being paid royalties, she’s also hired a forensic investigator to establish why the LP was leaked early, according to amended papers obtained.

Carl Crawford, founder of 1501, alleged that the 27-year-old rap megastar has not paid her share of her touring and merchandise profits with the firm.

As she released her latest record earlier this month, Megan declared herself ‘almost out’ of her contract with 1501 Certified Entertainment as she claimed it was the final album she will release on the label.

Megan was countersued by 1501 over her compilation Something for Thee Hotties.

She had filed a lawsuit against the label in February, ‘seeking a declaration that her album, Something for Thee Hotties, constituted an ‘album’ as defined in the parties’ recording agreement’.

The record in question was released on October 29, 2021.

She claimed she was told on January 5, that the record was not classed as an album under her recording contract.

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