Sir Rod Stewart’s Vegas Ambitions: Beyond the Horizon

Sir Rod Stewart, the iconic 78-year-old rock legend, is not contemplating retirement anytime soon. As he approaches his 79th birthday in January, he’s brimming with enthusiasm about a potential return to Las Vegas. His recent collaboration with Jools Holland on a swing album has ignited fresh creative sparks, and Stewart contemplates the prospect of a “big band” show in the entertainment capital.

The Allure of Live Performances

For Stewart, the thrill of live performances remains unparalleled. Describing it as “highly addictive,” he acknowledges that the two hours on stage constitute an experience akin to the most potent drug imaginable. However, in candid reflection, he reveals a less glamorous side of touring—the endless hours spent in hotel rooms, waiting for the next gig.

Vegas Beckons: A Swing Extravaganza

Stewart’s connection with Las Vegas runs deep, and he envisions a spectacular return with a swing show if his latest album achieves the desired success. The prospect of infusing the grandeur of a big band into the vibrant atmosphere of Sin City excites him. He contemplates a special run of shows, eager to showcase a different dimension of his musical prowess.

The Dual Life: Music and Model Railroads

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the stage, Stewart leads a dual life—one as a celebrated musician and the other as a devoted model railroad enthusiast. Acknowledging the downtime between performances, he discloses his dedicated pursuit of model railroad construction during those idle hours in hotel rooms.

From Railroads to Rock ‘n’ Roll: A Pivotal Choice

Reflecting on his past, Stewart shares a pivotal moment where his model railroad hobby nearly diverted him from the path of becoming a legendary musician. Recounting how his father initially purchased a model railroad for him, he humorously reveals that the same father later opted for a guitar instead of a train set part. This choice marked a decisive moment in Stewart’s life, steering him towards a destiny intertwined with guitars and rock ‘n’ roll.

The Significance of Model Railroads

Stewart’s connection with model railroads transcends mere hobbyist indulgence; it’s an integral part of his life’s narrative. From the early days of wanting a signal for his train set, to dedicating five or six hours daily to building his model railroad during tour downtime, the hobby has evolved alongside his musical journey. It becomes evident that while bandmates may be idling away, Stewart finds solace and occupation in the meticulous construction of miniature railroads.

A Constant Companion

Throughout the highs and lows of his illustrious career, the model railroad remains a constant companion for Stewart. It serves as a creative outlet, offering respite from the transient nature of life on the road. As he meticulously crafts miniature landscapes, Stewart finds a therapeutic escape, ensuring that his idle moments are filled with purpose and creativity.

Conclusion: A Harmonious Blend

In contemplating a return to Las Vegas with a grand “big band” show, Sir Rod Stewart showcases the harmonious blend of his musical passion and personal interests. The allure of live performances and the creative escape provided by model railroads encapsulate the multifaceted persona of this legendary artist. As he continues to defy the constraints of age and explore new dimensions of his craft, Stewart’s journey remains a testament to the enduring power of artistic expression and the pursuit of passions that shape a lifetime.

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