The Smash Hits Poll Winners Party: A Nostalgic Celebration of British Music

From 1979 to 2005, the British music scene had its own iconic awards ceremony that brought together fans and artists in a spectacular celebration. The Smash Hits Poll Winners Party was an annual event that honored the best in pop music as voted by readers of the popular music magazine, Smash Hits. In this blog post, we’ll take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and explore the significance of the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party and why it holds a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts.

The Birth of an Iconic Event

The Smash Hits Poll Winners Party was established in 1979, during the heyday of pop music in the UK. As the go-to publication for young music fans, Smash Hits decided to let its readers have a say in recognizing their favorite artists and songs. Through a voting system, readers would cast their ballots for the best performers in various categories, such as Best Male Solo Artist, Best Female Solo Artist, Best Group, and Best Single.

A Night of Glitz and Glamour

The Smash Hits Poll Winners Party was not just an awards ceremony; it was a star-studded extravaganza. Held at prestigious venues like London’s Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena, the event attracted a who’s who of the music industry. The party was a dazzling spectacle, filled with electrifying performances, surprise collaborations, and memorable acceptance speeches.

Artists would take to the stage to deliver show-stopping performances of their hit songs, creating an electric atmosphere that reverberated with the cheers of adoring fans. The excitement of seeing their favorite musicians in person and witnessing unforgettable live moments made the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party a highly anticipated event each year.

Memorable Moments and Surprises

Over the years, the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party became known for its unpredictable and entertaining moments. From outrageous acceptance speeches to unexpected collaborations, the event always delivered surprises that kept audiences on the edge of their seats.

One of the standout moments from the Poll Winners Party was the duet between two music icons, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan. Their performance of the chart-topping hit “Especially for You” sent fans into a frenzy and remains an iconic pop culture moment to this day.

Another unforgettable moment came in 2000 when Robbie Williams challenged Liam Gallagher to a televised boxing match. The playful banter between the two musicians captivated audiences and added an extra layer of excitement to the evening.

The End of an Era

After 26 years of celebrating the best in British music, the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party came to an end in 2005. The changing landscape of the music industry and the decline of print media played a role in the event’s discontinuation. However, the memories and impact of the Poll Winners Party continue to live on in the hearts of fans and artists alike.

A Nostalgic Celebration

The Smash Hits Poll Winners Party was more than just an awards ceremony. It was a nostalgic celebration of the music that defined a generation. From the joyous anticipation of voting for favorite artists to the electrifying performances and unexpected surprises, the event captured the essence of British pop music.

While the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party may be a thing of the past, its legacy lives on. It serves as a reminder of an era when music brought people together and created lifelong memories. So let’s raise a glass to the unforgettable moments and the timeless music that made the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party an iconic celebration of British music.

Who won what at the laster ever 2005 awards hosted by Steve Jones and Miquita Oliver

    Hall of Fame: Britney Spears

    Star of the Year: McFly

    Hot New Talent: Son of Dork

    Best Newcomer:

    Best UK Band: McFly

    Best Solo Artist: Lee Ryan

    Best Single: “All About You” by McFly

    Best Album: Wonderland by McFly

    Best International Band: Green Day

    Best Rock Act: Green Day

    Best Dance Act: Uniting Nations

    Best R’n’B Act: Akon

    Best Hip Hop Act: Eminem

    Best Video: “Don’t Cha” by Pussycat Dolls

    Party Animal of the Year: Charlotte Church

    Favourite Ringtone: Crazy Frog

    Hottest Showbiz Couple: Cheryl Tweedy and Ashley Cole

    Sh! Style Icon: Gwen Stefani

    Best TV Show: EastEnders

    TV Star Of The Year: The X Factor Judges – Simon/Louis/Sharon

    Best Movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Movie Star Of The Year: Johnny Depp

    Best Sports Star: David Beckham

    Most Fanciable Female: Rachel Stevens

    Most Snoggable Male: Danny Jones

    Best Dressed Star: Kylie Minogue

    Worst Dressed Star: Britney Spears

    Top Mop (Best Hair): Dougie Poynter

    Flop Mop (Worst Hair): Peter Andre

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