The Vamps reveal debut album release date and tour news

Last year we said The Vamps were the stars to watch and now the rising stars The Vamps have revealed that their highly anticipated first ever record will be released on April 14, but pre-orders will be taken starting later this month on March 22.

The Vamps reveal debut album release date and tour news | MarkMeets Music News |
The lads (Tristan, Connor, Brad and James) explained that their forthcoming debut album’s release would be April 14th & the pre order from 22nd March!

Back in January, member Brad Simpson admitted that they can’t wait for the cut to be unveiled because they have been writing it for such a long time: “Our album’s coming out in mid April – we’re 99% sure. Me and James have been writing this for about two and a half years. That’s why we really connected, because we’re such keen songwriters, and we’re kept that going. We’ve co-written a lot of the album, and Tristan (Evans) has been been helping produce lots of the songs.”

The Vamps are gearing up for their upcoming tour in support of boyband The Wanted and have revealed that they can’t wait for the run of UK dates to kick off.

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