Union J talk new album

The X Factor stars Union J have been discussing their upcoming second album which is released later this year.

Union J talk new album | MarkMeets boyband News |
We already know it will be more acoustic than their debut, plus It’s more like folk and country music than before.

The lads made up of Josh Cuthbert, JJ Hamblett, Jaymi Hensley and George Shelley have described the album as having a similar sound to Taylor Swift and Little Mix.

Union J said that their new offering has a “country twist”.

George told Capital FM: “[It’s] uptempo. It’s kind of got a country twist to it.

“If you can imagine Taylor Swift meets Little Mix meets Union J.”

Meanwhile, Jaymi Hensley said that the new album show fans who they really are.

He explained: “I think we’ve had like a month or so off now to get back to who we really are without the whole of last year’s campaign and who we were on X Factor.”

Hensley recently told Digital Spy: “I think we all – ourselves included – rested on our laurels being from The X Factor and One Direction coming from the show, and just thought it might be a lot easier.”

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