What is Snoop Dog’s net worth in 2024?

Snoop Dogg’s Net Worth: A Rapper’s Fortune

Snoop Dogg, the iconic American rapper, is no stranger to the spotlight. With his impressive net worth of $160 million in 2024, it’s no wonder why fans are eager to learn more about his business ventures and financial success. As a renowned entertainer, Snoop Dogg has built a multifaceted career spanning music, film, and entrepreneurship. Let’s dive into the details of his estimated $160 million net worth and explore how he makes his money.

Snoop Dogg’s Early Start in Music

Born Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., Snoop Dogg’s passion for rapping began at a young age. He officially debuted in the music industry with a guest appearance on Dr. Dre’s solo single “Deep Cover.” His early start in music laid the foundation for his future success. With a vast filmography featuring numerous appearances and major roles, Snoop Dogg has established himself as a talented actor as well.

The Earning Power of Snoop Dogg

So, how does Snoop Dogg make his money? The majority of his earnings come from various sources:

Music and Touring

Snoop Dogg has released numerous chart-topping hits throughout his career, with millions of copies sold worldwide. His album “Doggystyle” (1993) was a massive commercial success, cementing his status as a hip-hop legend. In addition to album sales, he earns significant revenue from his ongoing music releases on YouTube and other music streaming services. His global tours are another lucrative source of income, allowing him to reach a massive audience and promote his brand.

Brand Collaborations

In recent years, Snoop Dogg has partnered with prominent brands such as Skechers, Corona, Adidas, and more. These collaborations not only increase brand visibility but also generate substantial revenue streams for the rapper.


In 2020, Snoop Dogg launched Indoggo Gin in partnership with Trusted Spirits and Prestige Beverage Group. This venture marked the expansion of his liquor brand into the market. Additionally, he established Snoop Doggie Doggs, a dog clothes and accessories brand inspired by his own furry friends. Broadus Foods is another entrepreneurial endeavor, born from his mother’s treasured recipes.

Cannabis Investment

Snoop Dogg has invested heavily in the cannabis industry through Casa Verde Capital. This strategic move reflects the growing demand for cannabis products and its potential for long-term growth.

The Road to Success

Snoop Dogg’s net worth is a testament to his dedication to his craft and business ventures. From his early days as a rapper to his current status as a multifaceted entrepreneur, he has consistently demonstrated an ability to adapt and innovate. As he continues to build his empire, it’s clear that Snoop Dogg is here to stay.


With an estimated net worth of $160 million in 2024, Snoop Dogg’s financial success is undeniable. By exploring the various streams of income that contribute to this figure, we gain insight into the savvy business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit that defines this hip-hop icon.

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