What Is The Creator Economy And How Does It Affect Your Music?

Have you heard of the Creator Economy? If not, here’s a simple definition: it’s all the ways that people can earn money from their creations. For example, influencers doing social media full time – they’re at the crux of the creator community.

And while it may seem absurd to wrap your head around people actually making a living from their creations, it’s a pretty incredible thing when you think about it. Not only because it means that you too can be a part of the success story of the creator economy, but you can actually enlist the help of other creators to get there.

The creator economy is all about growing together

The creator economy is made up of tens of thousands of people who are chasing their dreams, just like you. In all different niches, in all different cities, in all different ways, they are out there going after their bliss, same as you. Together, you can create something truly special that not only elevates the creator’s brand but your music as well.

It’s a community that is all about growing together. Helping each other out. It’s “we” not “me.” Besides the fact that this is really truly great for the music industry as a whole (we need more community if you ask me) it’s also really great for you as a musician, because it means that there are tens of thousands of people out there who are more than willing (eager even) to help you spread your message.

This is key because success in the music industry is very much based not only on your talent, your drive, and your desire to succeed but it’s based a lot on who you know and how you can work with others to get where you want to be. The creator economy is built to be that network that can support and propel each other forward.

Create collaborative opportunities

Nothing goes with growing together like collaboration. They’re two peas in a pod, and this part is important. Do not make the mistake of leading every conversation with what someone can do for you, or how they can help you, or what you want out of them. That’s not going to get you very far.

In order to fully take advantage of the creator community and stay true to the whole community aspect of it, tap into collaborative opportunities. This means opportunities that are good for you and the creator. Before you reach out to them, I want you to also think about how it benefits them.

What can you offer? Do you have an engaged social media audience that they get exposure to? Are you willing to pay them for their larger following? Do you believe in the same mission and are offering them a chance at different resources to express that?

You have to know what are they getting out of the partnership. And before you even do that, start a conversation and get to know them. Comment on their photos, reply to their Instagram stories, and build a relationship with them before you go straight to the business talk. It’s a community, after all, so you want to find your people and make sure it’s a fit.

Tap into new niches

Another beautiful thing about the creator community is that you have access to a whole host of niches outside just music. This is powerful if you know and understand your brand.

For instance, you may be a rock band but that’s not all you are. If your brand is geared towards sustainable living, you can reach out to creators in the Green space and pitch collaborative ideas about that, like a performance inside their organization or using a green product in your socials or videos, or shows.

If you’re putting on a show in NYC, you can reach out to NYC creators who may want to come out and cover it. You can reach a wider audience through these different niches. It just takes a little brand clarity and creativity.

Keep growing, keep experimenting

As you start to get the hang of different opportunities, keep growing and keep experimenting. Try different niches and angles related to your brand and the audience you want to tap into, it can take some experimentation to find your tribe, and that’s ok. It’s part of the fun of it!

Keep thinking up new and innovative ways to reach those audiences and don’t be afraid to ask your collaborators what they think. After all, they know their space better than anyone, so why not tap into that?

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