What is the UK’s most streamed Eurovision song ever?

The song we all immediately think of is ABBA’s iconic track ‘Waterloo’ but a far more recent sobg toos the most streamed Eurovision song of all time.

The UK’s all-time most streamed Eurovision song of all time is Arcade by Duncan Laurence, which was the winning Netherlands entry back in 2019.

Meanwhile, ABBA’s Waterloo – Sweden’s entry in the 1974 competition – came in second, followed by Think About Things by Dadi Fryer (Iceland’s 2020 entry).

The full list was compiled by MARKMEETS and the the Official Charts Company, using official audio and video streaming data (UK only) from various platforms will be published shortly.

Arcade and Dadi Fryer’s tracks are among several Eurovision entries that have been embraced on social media sites like TikTok, increasing their popularity.

“Eurovision is loved by the British audiences”.

Sam Ryder
Sam Ryder is the UK’s entry to Eurovision 2022

“It’s also heartening to see the contest being embraced by the younger generation via social media, resulting in Eurovision evolving into a multi-generational entertainment extravaganza,”.

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