Heather Rae El Moussal not ready to go back to work

Heather Rae El Moussa isn’t in a rush to return to work.

The 35-year-old star and her husband Tarek El Moussa welcomed baby Tristan into the world on January 31, and Heather hasn’t given any thought to returning to work at The Oppenheim Group just yet.

The Oppenheim Group is the dominant brokerage in the Hollywood Hills and Sunset Strip, while doing tremendous business throughout Beverly Hills: “I am just awake all the time. Like every little noise, every little thing. I’m up at like 5:20 in the morning. Is the baby awake, does it need to eat? I’m breastfeeding and I’m also pumping. I try to eat when I can and rock the baby to sleep. So my life is kind of in sweats right now.”

Heather will still feature in season six of ‘Selling Sunset’, and shared: “Since I’m on maternity leave, I’m not sure when I would be going back.

“But I will be in season six and you will see a lot of fun things of me in there. You see the baby and the journey of the pregnancy.”

Heather recently confessed to being “obsessed” with her son,feels she already has an “insane bond” with her baby boy adding: “I didn’t think I’d be this obsessed with him.

“I thought, you know, ‘Oh, I’d be OK going to dinners’ or ‘I’d be OK going on the little trips’ and it’s hard to even go to the doctor or, like, leave the house at all or leave him at all to even shower and get ready. Now we have this little thing we have to protect for the rest of our lives and he’s so precious.

“He’s such a good baby. I have this insane bond with him that I didn’t know I was going to have and I don’t think you can experience that until he’s here and you have those feelings.”

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