How to Keep Your Child Engaged? 7 Easy and Effective Tips

Kids are like a ball of energy. It’s hard to keep them in one place with all that energy. But don’t worry; there are ways to channel this energy for their good, including…

1. Get your child involved in creative projects

You can buy your baby age-appropriate art and crafts material. Then encourage him or her to draw something. It can be the coffee mug on your table or the Tv.

Don’t expect they will paint something extraordinary. Whatever they draw or color, just show them your acknowledgement. Next time, they will try their best to impress you.

Some kids don’t prefer drawing; you can gift them clay modeling crafts, papercraft materials, or basket weaving materials. See what works for your child and keep on supporting them on that work.

These activities help your kid build focus and improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

2. Encourage your kid to build a fort

Every kid is unique and needs a little space for themselves. Though they can’t describe it like adults, they still need it.

Using bed sheets, you can show them how to build a fort on the coffee table or couch. Next, ask them to grab some pillows, books, toys, and a small flashlight. Now the fort is ready, and your little princess or prince can play there for as long as they want. This will be a tiny hideaway spot for your little one.

3. Make them read books

Every kid likes to listen to stories of mermaids, kings, queens, and dragons. So, on some days, you can be a narrator and ask your child to read it for you on a few days. Make this an evening or nighttime ritual.

You will be surprised to experience the benefits of this process:

  1. Your kid will get engaged in reading books for hours.
  2. All this reading will better her writing and storytelling skills.
  3. He/she will be able to express themselves more clearly.

Don’t forget to keep some books available on the bookshelf for your kid so they can read whenever they want. Also, take them book shopping and let them pick their books.

4. Inspire your kid to maintain a journal

Like us, kids also have happy moments, fears, and favorite activities. You can ask them to express their daily life in a journal. This will keep them engaged before nighttime.

If they like to make doodles, let them do it. Give them a choice to keep it private. This shows that you trust your kid and respect his or her opinion.

Practicing this every day will enrich their creative world and strengthen your bonds with your child.

5. Involve them in cooking and easy chores

If you want your child to grow up to be a disciplined individual, start involving them in daily chores. Initially, you can give them easy work like washing vegetables, bringing necessary foods from the fridge, etc.

Take them with you in the laundry room and familiarize them with the buttons. Sometimes let them push the switches. All these activities will help them learn self-help skills and will boost their confidence.

Do reward them with their favorite treat or fewer study hours after the work is done. This will motivate them to take part in household chores.

6. Gift them puzzles

A child’s brain adapts to the surroundings and garbs anything in front of them. Therefore, it’s the ideal time to exercise their brain so that they can think deeply. A puzzle is a great tool for this purpose.

Don’t gift them something easy, as they will lose interest. A hard puzzle will discourage their brain from even trying it. Give them something that is neither too easy nor too hard.

This is perfect for enhancing your child’s critical thinking and creative mind.

7. Buy a trampoline

At the end of the day, all kids love playing. A trampoline is perfect for burning that energy. You can even show them some new techniques to boost their interest level.

Nowadays, you can even order trampolines online. So, what are you waiting for?

Over to you…

So, these are a few tips to keep your kid engaged in activities easily. Further, if they try to do something in their daily life and don’t succeed, make sure to appreciate their effort… still.

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