3 Ways to Spoil Your Pet

Our pets are our best friends, members of the family, and fur babies. They do so much for us and love us unconditionally. It is only natural to want to spoil your pet. 

You may think the only way to dote on your furry friend is to feed them special treats. While that’s a great option too, there are many ways you can pamper your pooch (or other pet). From fun activities to customized Dog bowls, here are three ways to spoil your pet.

  1. Luxury Accessories

You may think your pet doesn’t notice the difference between a $5 water dish and a customized, $30 one, but even pets know quality when they see it (and use it). For example, let’s talk about dog bowls. 

In addition to having food preferences, dogs and other pets have different needs when it comes to feeding dishes. You may have a large pet that requires dog bowls to be elevated so they don’t have to bend down uncomfortably while eating. 

On the other hand, smaller pets will need dishes that they can reach easily. You also want to make sure the bowl itself is the proper size for the amount of food that your pet requires. 

While a dog may not care too much about the color of its food dish, usually feeding stations are left out and visible in the human’s home. They are also the ones cleaning up after the pet, so a high quality, or luxury pet bowl set isn’t the worst investment to make. You want an easy to clean, stainless steel bowl set, with an anti-skid bottom that is built to last. And it’s great if you can customize it in your favorite color too. 

Another luxury item to spoil your pet is furniture. Now, you may say that your pet already uses all the furniture in your house, but that’s not the same thing. All joking aside, pet furniture designed with animals’ needs in mind is a great addition to your pet supplies. 

Some pets with physical conditions or ailments can benefit a great deal from orthopedic beds and mats. It’s also a great idea to provide a luxury piece of pet furniture for your four legged friend so that they leave your furniture alone – at least some of the time.

  1. S-paw Day

Your dog (and yes, even some cats), deserve a “s-paw” day too! A lot of breeds require some special, professional grooming in order to achieve the best look. There is no better way to pamper your pet than to book an appointment with your favorite groomer!

Bathing can be very soothing to animals that suffer from skin conditions, or who just manage to get dirty a lot. If you need to apply any type of special shampoo for dry skin, or a flea bath, a pet s-paw day is a win-win. 

With a proper grooming and cut, your pet will feel like a brand new pooch. It is also a perfect time to get their nails clipped. Not only does this make your pet feel better, but it can save floors, furniture, and even your skin from unwanted scratches. 

  1. Date Night

A great way to spoil your pet, and maybe even yourself a little, is to treat them to date night. It may end up being more of a day-date, but setting aside a specific block of time to spend with your furry friend can have benefits for you both.

If you have a busy schedule, it may be hard to set aside time every day for your dog or other pet. Sometimes we have just enough time for the “do your business” walk, quick treat, and then we are gone for most of the day. 

That shouldn’t make you feel bad, afterall, someone has to go to work to pay for the dog stuff. To ease your guilt and make it up to your friend though – set aside an hour or two that is dedicated to just you and your pet. 

This can include a long walk, someplace “special” where they don’t go everyday. It can also include a relaxing dinner or drink for you at a pet friendly restaurant. 

If that isn’t available where you are, set aside a special toy and play time in or around the house for just you and your pet. Put away the phone, turn off the TV, and focus on playing with your pet for a solid hour (or two!). Not only will your fur baby appreciate it, you will feel more relaxed having a clean break from everything for a bit so you can decompress.

Last Thoughts

Luxurious dog bowls, pet themed spa day, and an exciting adventure with you – are just three ways you can start to spoil your pet today. 

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