5 Gift Ideas for People Who Regularly Travel With Pets

Do you have any friends who enjoy travelling with their pets? Many people would never consider taking a road trip or camping trip without their four-legged family members.

The following are five pet travel accessories that would make excellent gifts for animal lovers. But first, here are some interesting pet travel statistics.

78% of Americans with pets take them on their travels. That number is nearly 53% worldwide. Because dogs are the world’s most popular pet, it makes sense they also make up the majority of traveling pets at 58%. Cats are in second place, with 22% coming along for the ride.

In the United States, airlines reported a whopping 311,149 pet passengers in 2020. Unsurprisingly, Alaska Airlines reported transporting the most pets. However, most pet owners (63.8%) prefer to take a car or truck when traveling with their pets. Another 28.3% travel with pets in an RV. And dogs love traveling in vehicles so much that 56% of owners take Fido and Fluffy on rides at least once a month.

So, here are five pet travel accessories that make great gifts for all those animal lovers:

1. A pet safety harness will keep every rider safe

Even dogs trained to stay in the back seat should still have the protection of a safety harness. A precious pooch could become a lethal projectile aimed at other riders’ heads during a wreck. A pet safety harness will help protect all occupants in case of a car accident.

Another reason a harness makes a great pet travel accessory: Dogs and cats should never be latched into a car through their collar. Even a fender-bender could result in a broken neck. Owners should always use a harness instead.

2. A portable vacuum will suck up pet fur and debris

Most dogs shed, especially in the summertime. Combine fur with dirt, twigs, grass, and leaves tracked into the car on pets’ paws and coats, and that’s a lot of debris. So a portable vacuum makes a great gift. A good car vacuum helps prevent furballs and other pet messes from accumulating.

3. Seat protectors keep car upholstery clean and damage-free

Owners can eliminate much of the mess their animals drag into the car by using seat protectors designed for pets. These pet travel accessories come in especially handy for owners who go camping with their pets, take them swimming, or go for walks after a rain. Seat covers keep the mess off, protect upholstery from claw marks, and are easy to remove and clean.

4. A cargo liner

Dogs can ride safely and comfortably in the back of a wagon or SUV (unlike a pickup truck bed). So consider giving the animal lover in your life a cargo liner. And like seat protectors, these pet travel accessories are easy to install, protect the vehicle, and make cleanup a breeze.

5. Air freshener is an inexpensive pet travel accessory

An air freshener designed for pets keeps cars smelling fresh instead of like the inside of a kennel. But don’t just grab any old air freshener off the shelf. Veterinarians report that regular air fresheners contain toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that create that pleasant smell. If you can’t find pet-safe air fresheners, opt for a few air-purifying bags filled with pet-safe, eco-friendly charcoal. 

With the right pet travel accessories, hitting the road with furry friends can be more enjoyable than ever.

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