5 Training Tips to Help With Your New Puppy

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Introducing a new puppy to your home or family is an exciting time. They’re sure to provide companionship and joy throughout their lives. That’s not to say starting their training isn’t challenging. 

If you’re wondering where to start or seeking advice about your puppy, you’re in the right place. Here are some tried and tested techniques to start this new journey. 

Crate Training 

Crate training will get your puppy accustomed to their crate from the very start. It’s a worthwhile investment of money and time. Crates are used to traveling with your pet when you have visitors, and perhaps as their bed. You need your puppy to associate its crate with a safe and comfortable environment. 

Crate training will also help your puppy develop a daily routine in terms of rest time, activities, and toilet breaks. You can center their whole schedule around time in their crate. 

Learning how to train a service dog may look a little different to your average puppy, so conduct research accordingly. 

Socializing Your Puppy

Socializing your puppy will help them gain confidence around loud noises, new people, and other dogs. You can do this by adventuring out into the world, once they have received their vaccinations, of course. 

If you know someone with a dog, you can introduce the two of them in a controlled environment that you know your puppy is already accustomed to, like your home. This will occur when you’re confident they trust you and are all settled in. 

Following a 1-1 introduction, dog parks are great places for your pet to socialize. Try dog-friendly cafes and restaurants to introduce them to different environments. Research shows that socialized dogs are less likely to develop behavioural issues in the future. 

How To Be Alone 

Even if you work from home, your puppy will likely spend some time on its own at home on occasion. This situation can cause stress in puppies because dogs are innately social animals. 

The crate will help here, even spending time in one room within their crate while you’re in another room will be a great introduction to independence. Turn the situation into something exciting by adding treats and toys to keep your pet entertained. While they’re preoccupied, slowly leave the room and it’s likely they won’t even notice you left. 

Keep repeating this process with rewards to encourage calm behaviour while gradually increasing the time they are spending alone. When you return, don’t enter the room with lots of excitement, and don’t make too much fuss. This will make them miss you more when you next leave. Make the process of coming and going almost mundane. 

You’d be surprised at how good your dog’s memory is. Research shows that during the training process, a dog can remember their last task for at least 4 weeks after their final practice session. Keep going. They will pick it up.

Welcome To The Family 

Training your puppy will bring some law and order back into your household. Be patient and take your time. It’s a learning curve for both of you! 

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