Reasons Why A Corn Snake Makes the Best Reptile Pet

The corn snake is a modestly sized constrictor native to the many ecosystems of the southeast US. Famous to both reptile fanciers and casual pet lovers, these snakes are said to make good pets that do well in many different types of homes. If you’ve never owned one of these wonderful reptiles before, you may be surprised to hear this. “What makes snakes special as pets?” “Aren’t they messy?” “Aren’t they mean”. With this guide, we hope to dispel any myths or misconceptions you may have had about corn snakes in the past, and maybe show you why they would make a great companion animal.

They’re Safe

People who are unfamiliar with snakes may automatically peg them as “dangerous” or generally untrustworthy. That couldn’t be farther from the truth with the corn snake. These are moderately sized snakes that only reach up to around one pound. Being constrictors, they are completely nonvenomous and are not known to bite. If your snake is well socialized, it should be a confident, relaxed reptile that is totally fine with being handled and carried by the humans around it.

While you should not trust your snake around smaller animals such as rodents and birds, they will not show interest in anything they can’t eat. In general, these aren’t animals that seek out conflict. Of course, you should keep the lid to your snake’s vivarium closed tight for its own safety. The last thing you want is for it to accidentally injure itself in some hard to reach area of your home.

Well Tempered

One of the primary reasons corn snakes appeal to so many people is their famously excellent temperaments. In addition to their previously mentioned docile nature, these snakes are just about as low-key as you can get. They don’t require any time outside of their vivariums and would rather hide in a log than be taken for a walk. You don’t have to worry about training or filling any sort of social or emotional needs. While they can be somewhat flighty animals as juveniles, they will quickly grow into a more confident reptile with the proper socialization.

While corn snakes are indeed unexpressive animals, that does not mean that there can’t be a connection between pet and owner. Many people report a definite connection with their corn snake and enjoy a sort of unconventional relationship with them. There are even anecdotes of corn snakes preferring to be handled by their owner to other humans. Every snake is different and should be seen as an individual.

Easy to Care For

Snakes, in general, are low maintenance. If you take care of their vivarium setup and understand the basics of reptile husbandry, you should be fine. You won’t have to worry about grooming, potty training, or shed fur all over your house. The most involved aspect of their care will be having their tank deep cleaned, which should be done around once a month. Of course, you are also going to need to clean fecal matter, shed skin, and food remains daily.

If you find feeding an animal daily to be difficult then this is the pet for you. Your corn snake will be able to thrive on three meals a month as an adult. In fact, feeding it more than this could cause certain issues in the long term, such as obesity and gastrointestinal problems. While these snakes aren’t necessarily “no maintenance”, they are still notably less work than a cat or dog.

Cool to Look At

In addition to the variety of awesome morphs that the corn snake sports, it’s often stated that these snakes are just pleasant to be around. They have a certain aloof, relaxing quality to them that just makes them enjoyable to watch for hours at a time. They may not be “active” or “entertaining”, but they are still wonderful to observe. No matter what morph you’re seeking out, any corn snake for sale you come across should behave and need the same things as any other.

Final Thoughts

With the proper care and know-how, corn snakes can thrive in a variety of homes and environments. However, you still need to do your homework to understand how to properly care for these animals. After all, you want to provide them with the happiest, healthiest life possible. Once you bring one home, you will see why these reptiles are so well received and enjoyed by old and new reptile keepers alike.

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