Porsche 911 Sport Classic is of the most Photographed cars

Scroll through Instagram and you’re sure to see countless car photos. But, as the many beautiful images that Porsche post show, there’s an art to getting the best car shots. So, how can you improve your car photography skills?

“The best camera that you have is always the one with you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a DLSR camera [professional-quality cameras with interchangeable lenses] or a ‘point and shoot’, a phone or even a film camera. Where do we see most of the content that we create nowadays? On a smartphone, tablet, or a computer. If you’re just a private individual taking pictures of your car then they are probably not going to end up printing them big, let alone seeing them on a billboard.”

I think I’ve seen almost every Porsche car in existence. So, when it comes to a new car, I always try to look for the differences with older models – like the rear wing on the new GT3 for example. Things that look really interesting. For the 911 (992), it may the big wraparound rear light cluster, where you can get some really nice photographs if you underexpose the whole image, so you basically only see the light bar. As you will soon discover, there are countless ways to shoot a Porsche.

The new arrival’s bespoke livery is inspired by the Fashion Grey paint first seen on the Porsche 356 and features lighter-coloured, hand-painted racing stripes and customisable, numbered decals on the sides. Inside the car, the door panels and seats are finished with two-tone upholstery that uses Porsche’s classic Pepita houndstooth design.

But it’s the characteristic ducktail rear spoiler and 1970s-style Fuchs alloy wheels that most obviously mark the Sport Classic out from its standard range-mates and link it visually with its 1972 inspiration, a model than now ranks among the most collectable 911 variants ever produced.

Alexander Fabig, Porsche’s customisation and classic boss, said: “The Heritage Design models represent the more emotionally driven concepts of the Porsche product strategy.

“This unique approach sees the Style Porsche design department working with Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur to reinterpret iconic 911 models and equipment from the 1950s through to the 1980s and to revive design features from those decades.”

Here are the top more of the most Instagrammed cars in the world
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  • BMW M3, 5.8 million posts.
  • Nissan GT-R, 7 million posts.
  • Honda Civic, 7.4 million posts.
  • Ford Mustang, 11.9 million posts.

A total of 1250 examples will be made, with prices starting from £209,540 in the UK. Orders are open from 28 April 2022 and deliveries will start in July. The right-hand-drive version of the car will make its debut at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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