The best things about photography in the Autumn

Everyone has a love-hate relationship with photography in the fall. Some say their photos look muddy and not so flattering. Luckily, there is a way around it!

There is always potential inside every shot you take. Many photos can be amped up through different methods to capture their full beauty.

Fall is one of the seasons that provides contrasting colors that are rarely present in normal circumstances. Leaves change color because of the temperature and the disappearance of chlorophyll. The green dies out and is replaced by that gorgeous golden yellow.

Depending on the tree and shrubs, shades of brown, yellow, red, purple and orange will start to appear around you. This environment allows photographers and models to take on unique themes with harsh contrasts.

Is your location not bright enough?

Brightness and lighting are an essential factor when taking photos. Many people struggle to achieve the right color temperature and brightness.

The solution? Well, pump up the color temperature (by a tiny bit), scout your locations closely or use a polarization filter.

Scouting your location includes knowing when the fabled golden hour comes by. But cloudy days are fine too, you know, it helps by giving off a “moodier” theme for the photo. Maybe increase the aperture and bring a diffuser when shooting in harsh light.

Polarization filters help you by reducing glare on surfaces. Surfaces such as roads, ponds or even on plants can be too distracting in your photos. In a nutshell, it reduces those shiny reflections on most surfaces.

Experiment and try unique perspectives

The dirty work every photographer goes through is immense. Many photographers hold awkward and uncomfortable positions, all for that perfect shot. Getting down and dirty may seem like a risky move as it could potentially get your gear damaged or muddy.

But sometimes you have to make some sacrifices, although you should take precautions.

Trees can be made more lively by adding some backlight. Get behind a tree trunk/branch to avoid direct flare and check your histogram to check for any overexposure.

Try new themes and concepts

Fall brings in new themes and concepts that you can try. Some of our favorites are landscape photography and macro photography.

Landscape photography

People tend to avoid sub-optimal weather conditions, but this is something you should try. For example, people avoid cloudy days and exclusively shoot on sunny and golden days.

Quite the contrary, these cloudy days are excellent elements to include in your landscape photographs. Proportions are different for everyone. There are those who prefer to stick to the rules.

Some use the rule of having 2/3 land and 1/3 sky for their landscapes. Other photographers prefer to split them into equal proportions by adding water.

Puddles would work, but the usage of lakes, water streams and other forms of water are highly favored.

Maybe it is foggy and it dissuades you at first. Go there anyway! And bring a friend to go with you. The fog gives you better contrast and amplifies the moody, lonely tone.

Macro photography in the fall

Taking photographs of small objects and making them appear larger than their real size. This style of photography looks especially striking in the light of Fall. Your subjects would pop out more with the extra contrast you can achieve with the environment.

I recommend using a telephoto lens or a dedicated lens for this style of photography, but it will still look good with your standard lens.

Where should you go for this type of photography? Well, anywhere as long it’s fall there. Maybe your backyard, your local park … all options are open.

Get out and experiment

There are plentiful options for autumn photography. All of them are unique and interesting to learn about. Have fun and experiment with your free time, Autumn is simply the best. So, start taking photos in your backyard and then expand from there.

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