Wedding Photography Tips: 7 Tips for Capturing the Big Day

Wedding photography is one of the most fun yet challenging genres of photography. There are a lot of aspects that you need to consider when taking wedding photos, primarily the venue and the theme. As it’s someone’s special day, mistakes will leave you in the bad books of the couple who hired you, resulting in a negative personal or commercial brand image. If you want to capture the meaningful, sentimental moments of someone’s big day via well-timed and well-angled photographs, these wedding photography tips will surely come in handy:

Focus on the Details 

When taking pictures of the bride and groom, you want to focus on every detail. There are so many angles from which you can photograph and make the whole portrait exceptional. Look at the surroundings and try to incorporate all the meaningful details into your shot.

Use Manual Mode 

When you’re taking pictures, you need to use your camera’s manual mode. This means you’ll be able to set your shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. These settings are not easy to learn, but continuous practice will make it easy. You can take pictures on auto-mode, but they will be generic and wouldn’t cover special detailing.

Engage a Second Photographer 

If possible, bring another photographer with you. The aim is to capture the happy couple from all angles. You can only take the shot from one angle, but another photographer can shoot the same pose from a different angle. Using this technique, you can recreate a creative version of different poses in the post-production editing phase.

Shoot in RAW mode 

You can not only save money by shooting in RAW mode, but it would also compensate for lighting issues. Shooting in RAW mode means you’ll be able to adjust the colors, contrast, and brightness in the post-production phase. However, RAW files have a considerable volume; therefore, invest in a high-capacity storage card otherwise, all the data will be lost.  

Ensure Proper Lighting 

If you’re taking pictures of the couple, you must have a proper light for that perfect shot. If you’re shooting in an outdoor venue, then manipulate the natural light to your advantage. If you are taking indoor wedding shots, proper lighting gear is necessary to get good wedding photographs. Often, new photographers will not invest in lighting equipment; as a result, their wedding shots turn out to be dull and uninspiring. 

Make a Shot-list

This is something only professional photographers take into consideration. However, if you are just starting out, then it’s good to make a shot list. For example, when the groom enters the ceremony, or the bride is walking down the aisle, the moment they read their vows or when they are accepting gifts, and other important shots are vital in wedding photography. 

Focus on Post-production Editing

This is where the real magic happens; taking a photograph is only half the job. You need to work meticulously in this phase and edit photographs to remove imperfections. From lighting issues to noise reduction, the post-production phase is integral to wedding photography. Therefore, invest in high-quality post-production software to make the photographs perfect and unique.

Wedding photography is exciting but exhausting, as there are a lot of details that need attention. You can have the best equipment, but it is of no use if you don’t know the basics of wedding photography. Take inspiration from the above pointers to become an expert and sought-after wedding photographer. 

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