10 clothing items making heads turn this 2023

In 2023, being fashionable seems to be at the top of everyone’s agenda. Having good style is not just about wearing what you love, but also paying attention to what clothing items and aesthetics are trending in mainstream society including what is worn on the runway and by celebrities. With many people wanting to enhance their style, it is worth exploring the top ten clothing items making heads turn in 2023.

Firstly, it is clear that the trends of 2023 have set themselves apart from other years. This is because many clothing items from the past have resurfaced from different eras. This year, fringing has truly made a comeback and it an ideal look for the summer especially on dresses, coats and jackets. Not only does it add more style to your look, but fringe also gives every item of clothing added depth and movement. Similarly, feathers have also been used in 2023 to add a bit of extra style and luxury to your wardrobe and they are especially trendy throughout the winter.

Furthermore, one trendy item of clothing that is making headlines this year is baggy jeans popularized by celebrities such as Justin Bieber. Not only are baggy jeans extremely comfortable and can be worn during the summer, but popular clothing brands are also getting in on the action such as floor-skimming, roomy jeans at Louis Vuitton. In addition, many people are stepping back in time by choosing to wear stylish 70’s inspired flares. It is common to see this popular clothing item worn by celebrities such as Harry Styles and Jennifer Lopez. They are also available in a variety of colours meaning that you can choose a pair according to your preferences and mood.

Moreover, 2023 clothing items are all about unique combinations as print on print has become a popular trend nowadays. This means mixing and matching colours and patterns so that you create a show-stopping look such as stripes combined with marble print. Of course, floral prints have also been commonly worn throughout the spring/summer 2023 season. Many people choose bold floral patterns with a stunning co-ord or on a wedding guest dress as they don’t need to accessorize much to make a statement.

Of course, leather has also made a return for 2023 with biker leather jackets or blazers that can be worn in both the summer and the winter. Leather dresses are also extremely popular this season and they can be paired up with cowboy boots which is perfect for a country music event. Alternatively, midi skirts which were popular in the 90s are a staple clothing item for many in 2023. Combined with a stylish crop top, it is common to see models such as Bella Hadid stepping out during the summer months in either a plain midi skirt or one with patterns such as florals or marble. 

On top of this, as the weather gets warmer more people are opting to wear clothing items that boast holiday prints. With tops and dresses displaying images such as sunsets and palm trees, these prints truly get people in holiday mode. As the weather changes to being cooler, people are opting to wear knitted dresses with hoods attached. Not only do these dresses keep you warm during the winter months, but they also keep your hair protected and it means that you don’t have to ruin your look by wearing a hoody over your dress. 

In summary, as we are already halfway through the year, the biggest and boldest fashion trends in 2023 are already being worn by people all over the world. With some looks coming straight from the runway, there are a myriad of stunning clothing items to choose to spruce up your wardrobe. From flared jeans and midi skirts to leather jackets and jackets with frills, it’s time to pay attention to what clothing items are popular this year.

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