4 Best Video Editors for Beginners using Windows 11

As a beginner in video editing, you might be looking for a reliable tool for your projects. The giants of the industry, such as Adobe Premiere, are quite difficult to use, even for experienced users, and it’s better to use something more beginner-friendly. So, how do you pick a video editor? 

The thing is, a well-crafted video requires more than just skills and creativity. Hassle-free editing and rendering require a powerful computer with reasonable hardware specifications, so Windows 11 is the popular choice for many professionals and amateurs. You need to make sure the program you’re using runs smoothly on this version. 

In this post, you’ll find 4 video editors to consider. They offer different sets of tools, interface designs, and pricing structures. Now, let’s see what each of the software has to offer and which option suits you better. 


Clipchamp is an Internet-based video editor that also features a desktop version compatible with Windows 11. You can find it in the Microsoft Store or download the software from the official website. One of the standout functions in Clipchamp is creating AI text-to-speech voice overs. The program also lets you replace the background with a better one using the green screen feature. You’ll find some basic tools for tweaking your footage as well: resizing, trimming, adding text captions, and so on.

The program is available for free, but you will need to switch to the premium plans to avoid such limitations as video quality, access to audio, image, and video stock, the number of available effects and filters, etc. Besides, your video will have a watermark if you add premium stock or a feature that is not included in the free plan.


Clipify is user-friendly video editing software for Windows 11. It has a full suite of tools necessary for giving your footage a professional look. With Clipify, you can effortlessly change the video background, adjust the speed of a clip, stabilize a shaky video, record screen activities, and increase the clarity of your footage. It lets you adjust the sound as well: add over 200 royalty-free music tracks and sound effects, change the volume, mute parts of a video, and even record audio comments.   

What’s more, Clipify lets you overlay videos, apply animations, transitions, and filters. The software also offers extensive export capabilities. For example, you can save videos in formats suitable for social media like YouTube and Instagram, burn them to DVD, export them in a file format compatible with your mobile device, etc. In other words, Clipify can help you level up your videos without the difficulty of pro-grade programs. 


Another video editor for Windows 11 you might like to try out is VideoPad. In this program, you will find dozens of transitions and effects, a collection of ready-to-go intros, outros, titles, and themed projects, etc. You might also like the software’s feature for creating subtitles for a video. It has an AI transcript editor that recognizes the speech in your footage and generates the transcript. So, there’s no need to type it all yourself. 

VideoPad also offers useful audio editing capabilities – you can easily import and mix multiple audio tracks, adjust volume levels, and even add voice overs to your videos. Moreover, the video editing software allows you to save your edited clips in high quality: full HD, 2K, and 4K.

PowerDirector Essential

For working on your projects on Windows 11, a video editor like PowerDirector Essential might be a convenient option. This is a feature-rich program where you can trim, split, and merge video clips, add background music tracks and sound effects, and use titles, transitions, and animations in your movies. PowerDirector Essential also offers such tools as lens correction, pan and zoom effects, color enhancement, and speed adjustment. 

The video editor has numerous AI-run features: AI Wind Removal, Audio Ducking, AI speech Enhancement, AI Sticker Maker, AI Image Generator, and so on.  There are also a couple of plug-ins you may find useful. They include a screen recorder and a live streaming plugin.

Key Takeaway

Now you know some of the commonly used programs for modifying and enhancing your footage on a PC. We have talked about 4 options – you’ve discovered their key features and some potential drawbacks. For more information, take a look at this article about the best video editing software for Windows 11. It covers essential criteria for finding the right editing software and contains a review on 10 programs that you can consider as well. 

So, how to pick a video editor? In short, it’s important to take into account your needs, level of skill, and the functionality and usability of the software. Besides, along with your budget, you need to consider the pricing plans and structure of each app – some programs offer a lifetime license, others require a monthly subscription, etc. Now it’s time to look through the video editors one more time, pick one, and get started with your first project. 

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