5 Things You Need to Know Before Hair Removal

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In our modern society, acceptance of body hair and the personal choice of individuals regarding its upkeep has significantly improved. However, there are still those who opt for body hair removal, and for a more enduring solution, laser hair removal treatment stands as one of the top choices available. But be informed before deciding on this method. Let’s delve into the specifics.

Avoid Tanning, and Sunbeds

Steering clear of direct sunlight and tanning is equally crucial, especially after you’ve just had your hair removed to flaunt a radiant skin during the endless summer days. As appealing as it might be to tan your silky smooth skin, it’s advisable to wait at least three days before basking in the sun. It’s also essential to take a hiatus from tanning beds.

Once your skin has fully recovered, enjoy sunbathing as much as you desire; just remember always to use suitable sun protection. It’s also recommended to avoid self-tanners. Despite not using UV light, their formula can still cause irritation to the skin. During healing, your skin requires gentle care, so use only mild and protective moisturizers.

Don’t Discard the Razor

Booking a laser hair removal session doesn’t imply you should immediately retire your razor. It’s important to shave before your appointment since the laser is designed to focus on the hair follicle at its root. If hair is left long, it can block the laser and soak up its energy, leading to less effective results. 

Remember to shave rather than tweeze or wax, as these methods extract the hair root the laser intends to target. On the flip side if you are looking to grow your hair Minoxidil Canada has some great options. You can get oral or topical treatment, depending on your preference.

The Times for Appointments Differ

The duration of the laser hair removal procedure can fluctuate significantly based on the size of the area being treated. The upper lip, for instance, might only take a few minutes. Legs and other larger areas could take up to an hour. This means that it’s possible you could fit in a brief treatment during your lunch break for added convenience.

However, a maximum amount of body hair can be safely treated with laser in a single session. Any responsible professional will inform you of the limit to how much laser light and energy your body can safely absorb at one go, and they will ensure you do not exceed this limit.

Schedule Several Sessions

Every strand of hair is distinct, possessing different granules. Laser hair removal treatment yields the best results with darker skin tones and darker hair types. It’s worth noting that only around 80% of your hair follicles can be eliminated through this treatment. 

Achieving such results often demands multiple sessions, particularly if your skin tone is lighter. Schedule your sessions beforehand for prolonged, sleek, silky, and hair-free skin. To give you an idea, clients with dark hair usually require approximately eight to 10 sessions before they can enjoy permanent hair removal.

Quick Treatments

Gone are the days of enduring long hours in a chair for hair removal treatments. Thanks to advancements in laser technology, large body areas can be covered swiftly and efficiently. For instance, both legs can be treated in approximately 25 to 30 minutes, while underarm procedures might take five to seven minutes.


Laser hair removal treatments are the ideal choice if you’re seeking to eliminate undesired hair. Offering a long-term solution, it saves you from the repeated hassle of dealing with intrusive and unwelcome hair growth. Abiding by the previous advice before opting for a laser hair removal procedure will enhance your experience and achieve optimal outcomes.

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