All-In on Comedy: The Top 10 Hilarious Casino Movies That Will Have You in Tears

Within the last ten years, online gambling has emerged as one of the most favorite activities around the globe, but traditional casino gambling has been around for a very long time. With its peculiar environments and diverse people’s destinies, it has been an endless source of inspiration for some of the biggest Hollywood producers for years. Oscar-worthy performances and inspiring stories made movies like Martin Scorsese’s Casino, starring Robert De Niro as the lead role, an indelible part of cinematic history.

As the core of gambling on both traditional and online casinos activities is to increase entertainment,  people are increasingly turning to movies that add a touch of comedy to the casino environment, and below we bring you the 10 best casino movies that will bring you to tears.

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Top 10 Comic Casino Movies

“The Hangover” (2009) – Doug (Justin Bartha) is about to get married, so two days before his wedding, he heads to Las Vegas with his best friends and soon-to-be brother-in-law, Phil and Stu (Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis). They all vow this will be the most memorable bachelor party ever.

“Ocean’s Eleven”(2001) – Just released from prison on probation, Danny Ocean (George Clooney) does not even think about settling down, but immediately throws himself into a new job together with his faithful partner Rusty (Brad Pitt). Their first mission, robbing the safe in which the proceeds of the three biggest casinos in Las Vegas are kept.

“21” (2008) – Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) is an intelligent student at MIT in Boston who wants to become a doctor, but after learning that he cannot afford the $300,000 tuition, Ben joins a secret club of skilled mathematicians. He started going on secret weekend trips to Las Vegas with them in whose casinos, thanks to their skills, they win hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Casino Royale”(2006) – The film in which James Bond (Daniel Craig) goes on his first mission as a 00 agent, where he faces the villain, Le Chiffre, the banker of the world’s terrorists. Part of the action takes place in a casino in Montenegro, where he participates in a poker game where he must win back his money to sustain himself in the terrorist market.

“Vegas Vacation” (1997) – Clark Griswold (C. Chase), his wife Ellen, son Rusty, and daughter Audrey make up a typical American family, after Clark receives a cash prize at work decides to go to Las Vegas where they a good time and celebrate Clark and Ellen’s 20th wedding anniversary. As soon as they arrive in Las Vegas, troubles begin to follow, which always end comically.

“Rounders” (1998) – Law student Mike (Matt Damon) has just lost his savings in a poker game against Russian mobster Teddy KGB and has vowed not to gamble anymore, but soon his friend, also a gambler Worm, is released from prison, who persuades him to make quick and easy money in the name of the old days.

“The Cooler” (2003) – If bad luck could walk, her name would be Bernie Lootz. The middle-aged Bernie (William H. Macy) is employed in the place that best suits his unusual talent: in a Las Vegas casino, as a bringer of bad luck to the big winners.

“Croupier” (1998) – is a film about a talented writer who dreams of writing a novel, but gets employed as a croupier in a casino, where he gets the idea for his novel.

“Lucky You” (2007)  –A film about a talented poker player Huck who wants to participate in a world poker tournament, for which he has to pay a registration fee of $10,000, which he does not have.

“Rat Race” (2001) – A group of billionaires led by the owner of a casino in Las Vegas (John Cleese) wants to make a bet and decides to gather six strangers who will race from Vegas to Silver City and win 2 million dollars hidden in a locker. The film in which Rowan Atkinson plays a narcoleptic Italian will make you laugh until you cry.

Comic Elements and Impact

All of these films have different plots, but a similar goal, to win the main prize, true, not always in a fair way, but always with a touch of comedy. All these films left a significant impact on the community, and people increasingly began to spend their free time playing games of chance. Big Hollywood stars have changed the way people experience the casino, all by injecting them with a dose of adrenaline and healthy laughter through their casino situations.

These films taught us that the casino is not always just a matter of prestige and that anyone can enjoy its charms. Whether you are going to play real games or watch a movie, the most important thing is to have a good team that will elevate the entire experience. In addition, if you do not know what to do tonight, we suggest picking one of the movies to get plenty of laughter and action.

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