All You Need to Know About Online Scratch Cards

Scratch cards have been one of the most popular games both on the Internet and offline for many years. Millions of gamblers play this game across the world and appreciate it for convenience, simplicity, and an opportunity to win big. Electronic scratch cards were invented by computer scientists from the US somewhere around the 1970s.

The first tickets were sold in 1987 and nowadays, online scratchcards can be enjoyed on hundreds of websites across the world.

Online scratch cards: definition

These games draw inspiration from traditional scratch cards where you need to scratch the surface to see whether you have gathered a winning combination. Most scratch cards on the Internet come with a virtual coin which players use to scratch the surface. Just drag the mouse and move back and forth to see what is underneath the card. There is also a chance to speed up the process but you will surely lose a few fun moments.

Most scratch cards follow the same pattern – to win a prize, you need to have at least three matching symbols. But digital cards often come with extra features and even bonus rounds. As well as classic scratch cards, online ones are very easy to understand and don’t require any skills. Plus, they are random, so the outcomes can’t be predicted.

But there are still a few differences. For example, online scratch cards can be purchased for as little as several cents or even played for free. Developers add this feature to attract players to online casinos and motivate them to try out other games. And the winnings might be much higher. In 2019 Didzis Pirags, a pub chef, spent £6.50 on the Merry Millions Instant Win game and won £1 million!

There are two types of online scratch cards, so it is easy to find the best option. Or even mix them to get the most immersive experience:

  • Instant games. They make up 90% of the market and allow playing directly through the browser without the need to download any software. The games run on Flash and look good both on laptops, smartphones, and tablets. All that is needed is to find an instant online casino, insert its title in the address bar, and start playing.
  • Downloadable games. Such scratch cards have dedicated software which you need to download in order to play. It is linked with the service provider and ensures a stable connection between your computer and the server.

Advantages of digital scratch cards

If you are still not sure whether to play scratch cards on the Internet or not, let us tell you more about the benefits these games have in the oven:

  • Adrenaline rush. It is very exciting to scratch the cards and watch the symbols pop one after another.
  • Fast game. Unlike poker or blackjack, scratch card sessions are very fast and don’t distract you from your regular activities.
  • Low price. Card prices start at several cents, making this game perfect for players with a limited budget.
  • Lots of variations. There are hundreds of online scratch cards, so it is easy to find the most appealing theme and design.

Software developers and online casinos are always searching for ways to engage players, so more and more goodies and advantages appear. You just need to look out for them attentively.

How to play online scratch cards

Now, when you know what scratch cards are, how they emerged, and why they are so interesting, it is the right time to explain how you can enjoy the game. Trust us, everything’s very simple and clear:

  • Choose an online casino. It must be internationally licensed, secure, and reliable. Read the reviews to ensure that the website pays out well and treats its users right.
  • Open the lobby and find the scratch cards section. Pick the one you want to play.
  • Enter the game and set your bet using the +/- buttons.
  • Press Start. You will be redirected to a separate window where you can use a mouse or your finger (when playing on a touchscreen) to scratch the card. Press the Skip button to reveal the card at once.
  • See the symbols and get the reward when gathering the winning combination.


Online scratch cards are extremely popular and year after year are chosen over the traditional ones. They have outstanding design, immersive sounds, and lots of bonus rounds that make the gameplay even more rewarding and fun. And there are lots of new beginnings ahead: virtual reality, augmented reality, gambling on wearables, and more. We have no doubts that online scratch cards will continue to evolve and impress us with more and more options. Follow the updates not to miss anything!

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