Amanita Muscaria vs. Magic Mushrooms: What’s the Difference?

Even though amanita muscaria is a pretty magical mushroom, it isn’t magical in the sense you may be thinking – i.e., not in the “magic mushroom” sense. That’s because amanita muscaria does not contain the active psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms or “shrooms,” psilocybin.

Why Does Amanita Muscaria Get Confused with Magic Mushrooms?

There’s no clear understanding of why amanita muscaria is frequently confused with magic mushrooms. We guess it has to do with the fact that when prepared precisely, amanita muscaria can have psychoactive or intoxicating properties. 

Amanita’s psychoactive properties are considered milder when consumed in the proper doses and dilutions. However, consuming large or not properly prepared quantities of amanita muscaria can lead to very unpleasant effects and may even be lethal. This is why it is so important to process amanita muscaria correctly or only purchase pre-processed options from trustworthy, lab-tested brands.

Various brands sell amanita gummies that are pre-measured amounts of amanita muscaria extraction. One such option is the delicious amanita muscaria gummies from VidaCap. They are thoroughly lab tested to ensure purity and trustworthiness. 

Magic Mushrooms Are Usually Illegal – Amanita Muscaria Is Legal

Another significant difference between amanita muscaria and magic mushrooms is the fact that magic mushrooms, or “shrooms,” are highly illegal in most places. Very few regions in the United States, for example, legally allow the consumption, possession, or cultivation of magic mushrooms or any substances containing psilocybin.

In some instances, magic mushrooms are becoming de-stigmatized, in particular for medical use in some applications – such as treatment for some mental health conditions. But many of the psychedelic-assisted therapy programs are still in their infancy, and society has a long way to go towards greater acceptance of magic mushrooms.

On the other hand, amanita muscaria is legal just about everywhere. This is because the mushroom does not contain psilocybin. Interestingly enough, many people don’t even realize that amanita muscaria can be consumed (when prepared properly), and most assume or even learn in childhood that amanita muscaria is an extremely deadly mushroom, and one should stay far, far away.

They Look Extremely Different

A noticeable difference is the fact that amanita muscaria and most types of magic mushrooms look nothing alike. Amanita muscaria possesses the famous mushroom appearance – generally, a red cap with white dots when in its older fruiting stage.

On the other hand, whilst the term “magic mushroom” is pretty vague and encompasses many different assortments, shrooms are often seen as being LBMs or “little brown mushrooms” because of the way they look and their petite size.

It is important when foraging for any mushroom that you are 100% certain about the identification and proceed at your own risk. Magic mushrooms in the wild can regularly have poisonous look-alikes, so taking great care is essential.

Their Psychoactive Effects Feel Very Different

People who have consumed both amanita muscaria preparation and magic mushrooms describe their psychoactive effects as being wildly different. Magic mushrooms can produce a high described as colorful, geometric, introspective, even resulting in a phenomenon known as “ego death” which can increase empathy and compassion and completely change one’s soul and being (often for the better).

The high from amanita muscaria is described as increasing “dream-like” sensations. Interestingly enough, some people report that the mushroom’s psychoactive effects actually feel strange or create a weird perception of reality. It also typically induces tiredness, and sleep tends to arrive a few hours after ingestion. Others report feeling connected to the universe and calm. The results really vary from person to person, and a big part of this is probably due to dosage and preparation. 

This is another reason why buying amanita muscaria gummies can be a more suitable way to go, as each gummy has an accurate quantity per gummy, meaning it can be easier to monitor how much amanita muscaria one is consuming and consistently ingest the same or similar amount.

Final Thoughts: Weighing Your Pros and Cons

At the end of the day, both amanita muscaria and magic mushrooms are potentially powerful substances, and it’s up to you to assess what you are opting for. Additionally, legalities are a big factor to take into consideration, as you should never consume substances that are illegal in your area. Otherwise, you may potentially face serious consequences.

This is why we personally go the amanita muscaria gummies route, as it’s legal in our area, conveniently dosed, and lab tested so we know exactly what we’re getting.

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