BLACKPINK songwriter Bekuh Boom believedt ‘Born Pink’ B-side ‘Typa Girl’ should be Lisa’s next solo release

Singer-songwriter Bekuh Boom, along with several ‘Born Pink’ contributors have opened up about the process behind BLACKPINK’s latest album.

A number of songwriters whose work featured on BLACKPINK’s sophomore studio album ‘Born Pink’ discussed the stories behind their contributions to the record.

Among them are singer-songwriter and longtime collaborator Bekuh Boom — known for co-writing the act’s debut singles ‘Boombayah’ and ‘Whistle’ — who penned the track ‘Typa Girl’ from the new record.

“It’s a song to empower women,” said Boom of the B-side, adding: “When I hear it, I feel like the shit — and I want other women to hear it and feel that way too.” The songwriter went on to reveal that she had written the demo for ‘Typa Girl’ in 2021, and that she had originally “thought Lisa might use it for her next solo single.”

“But I’m super happy that it’s […] on the album,” she said. “It’s a blessing to always get asked back. In South Korea, there’s a lot more respect for the writers and producers to get their moment to shine,” she commented.

Meanwhile, the writers of ‘Tally’ discussed the meaning behind the track, an ode to sexual freedom. “Judgment is something that a lot of women come across. These lyrics are so impactful coming from [BLACKPINK],” said co-writer Nat Dunn.

Production duo Saltwives, who also worked on the song went on: “We can’t imagine an act who better embodies its message than BLACKPINK.”

Brian Lee, another ‘Tally’ co-writer also provided insight into the album’s conception, sharing that YG producer Teddy Park had handpicked every track on ‘Born Pink’. “He’s the pioneer of K-pop. Teddy transformed K-pop to just mean pop. He made it universal,” Lee said of the producer.

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