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Carley Stenson may be best known for her role as Steph Cunningham in Channel 4’s Hollyoaks; but now she has been wowing audience’s across the west end appearing in musicals such as Shrek and Legally Blonde.

Mark Meets showbiz reporter Hannah Fuller caught up with the talented actress who is now starring in Spamalot at The Playhouse Theatre in London for an exclusive celebrity interview.

Carley Stenson
West End regular Carley Stenson is currently in the Spamalot cast

You are now performing in the WestEnd show Spamalot, how’s it going?
Oh it’s going, really really well. I absolutely LOVE it. I have a lot of fun. Everyday I find myself laughing at something. It’s a barrel of laughs! ( laughs. )

Are you better in the role than Bonnie Langford?
Ha-ha, oh gosh no, you cant ask me that! ( laughs. ) To be honest with you, you can’t really compare us, we are completely different. The way it’s been directed, the way it’s been produced is very different. But Bonnie Ii fantastic and really great at what she does.

Who gets stopped for the longest at the stage door from the cast?
Dick and Dom probably! But you know what, the stage door is actually quite hard to find and usually people have to rush off quickly to catch trains or whatever, so we don’t usually have people hanging around there much. But when there are people, of course we will stop for a chat with them.

What are Dick And Dom like to work with?
They are absolutely lovely – they really care about the role. They are so energetic, enthusiastic, so funny! They make the show. What you see with them is what you get, but of course, they can be serious too – they are not just silly all the time! ( laughs. )

Do you know Dick and Dom’s surnames? (I had to google it).
( Laughs. ) Oh no, this is going to sound really bad but I don’t! I’m actually really rubbish at remembering people’s first names, let alone surnames – my memory is so bad!
Well, incase you wanted to know; Dick is Richard McCourt and Dom is Dominic Wood. So there you are!
Ha-ha ahh thanks for telling me. Now you’ve just said that, it rings a bell!

Spamalot tickets at Playhouse theatre
Spamalot tickets at Playhouse theatre

Did you watch Monty Python growing up?
I did actually – I watched the Life of Brian over and over, I loved it! Me and my Sister would watch it together and we would always replay all the naughty bits and the bits with them swearing!

Do you still watch Hollyoaks?
I do. I try and catch up with it now and then. It actually hurts me a bit – I miss my friends! It’s like watching my mates all having fun together and I’m not with them! I’m still really close with the cast. They are like my family.

What beauty tips would you give Sam Bailey?
Ahh I think she’s gorgeous the way she is! She doesn’t need to take any beauty tips from me, especially right now, I’ve got no make up on and I’m looking a right state! ( laughs. )

I actually think she’s really sexy and it’s important to feel good about yourself. She really came into her own on The X Factor – I think she’s great!

You were previously in Shrek The Musical as Princess Fiona and also Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Do you still have to audition for these roles?
Unfortunately yes! My last 3 jobs, they saw me in something else, which is how I got involved, but I still have to audition for other things – I’m not out of the auditioning circuit!

But to be honest, I prefer it that way as you feel like you’ve earnt it and it makes you want it more. So it feels nicer when you get the job.

You’re friends with Beverly Knight, have you seen her in The Bodyguard yet?
We haven’t actually met each other properly yet, but we tweet one another and have some mutual friends, but I would love to go and see Beverley in The Bodyguard. Perhaps I’ll do that when I get a day off from doing my show! But I definitely want to see it.

We’ve seen pics of your puppy Barney, he is so cute!! Is he a performer?
Ha-ha aww thanks! Yes he’s so cute and I wouldn’t put it past him! He’s recently found his voice shall we say. He’s only 8 weeks old now but he’s very confident. So if he takes after his Mum and Dad, he’ll certainly be a performer!

What is next for you?
I want to do more TV, but more straight acting. Really like to do something challenging. I’ll also be giving my voice a rest! ( laughs) I’m also really looking forward to Christmas and going back to St Helens, which is near Liverpool, to see my friends and family. I’m really excited about that!

Well we hope you have a lovely Christmas Carley and best of luck with the show!
You have a nice Christmas too.

Dick and Dom play King Arthur and Patsy and Carley Stenson is Lady of the Lake at the Playhouse theatre. You can buy tickets from

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