Comparing Methods of Making Loose Leaf Tea: Infuser, Tea Press, and More

To tea or not to tea – that is the question. More accurately, the great debate regarding loose leaf tea is how to make it. If you are considering tea gifts for yourself, or any knowledgeable connoisseur, you should keep in mind a preferred method of preparation in mind. 

Luckily, there is no shortage of options for how to bring out the best flavor in tea brewing. From the infuser to the tea press and beyond, here is a comparison of some of the most popular (and non-traditional) methods to date. 

Just Pour

The easiest way to enjoy loose leaf tea requires no equipment and minor preparation. Simply pour hot water over the leaves in a cup, then sip very carefully to avoid swallowing the tea leaves. While this may not be the most sophisticated method, some tea drinkers will argue it is the most authentic.

Chances are, you are used to preparing tea by steeping it in a tea bag. The easiest way to replicate this process is by using an infuser cup or basket. You could also consider one of several biodegradable tea bags. The straight pour method may not be the most ideal, but good to know that it is possible in a pinch. Remember that you will still need a way to heat the water for the pour. 

Infuse It

A tea infuser cup or basket essentially performs the same duty as a tea bag or coffee filter. The basket is filled with loose leaf tea but separated by a mesh screen to keep the bits of leaves out of the water itself. This is the most popular method of making loose leaf tea, and probably the easiest to customize

For example, use more tea or steep longer for a stronger flavor. Bagged tea leaves can be crushed and not as fresh as loose tea, so many will argue the overall taste and quality is far superior. 

Also keep in mind that most teas can be infused more than once. This makes loose leaf tea a more economical and sustainable beverage choice, not to mention the endless variety of flavors. 

Infusing your loose-leaf tea also makes it travel friendly, and an excellent gift for any tea lover, even if it is yourself! 

Press It

If you already have a French press for coffee, you can also use it for brewing loose leaf tea. Prepare the press just like you would for coffee but use your favorite tea. Pour water over the leaves and allow them to steep for the desired time, then slowly push down on the press. 

A few things to keep in mind if giving a French press as a tea gift. The user may not be familiar with how to use one, which can mean a little trial and error before they achieve their desired combination. It may also not be the most convenient method, although many argue it brings out the flavors of the tea. 

There is also the benefit of having a French press for dual purposes (coffee and tea), but it may also require more cleaning. You will want to be sure to thoroughly wash the press after each use. Even if you consistently use it for tea, you’ll want to eliminate any previous flavor that could alter your new cup’s taste. 

Put it in a Pot

Did you know that a lot of tea kettles provide a built-in strainer specifically for brewing loose leaf tea? This method eliminates the need for a separate way to heat the water and is all inclusive. A teapot is also a classic tea gift, and they come in many varieties, colors and styles which make them a perfect gift. 

To make loose leaf tea the classic way, simply add the leaves and heat the water in the kettle to your desired temperature. Another bonus of the tea kettle is you can keep adding water until the leaves are completely spent. You will not have to wash a tea kettle after every use if you use the same flavor repeatedly. 

Preparing loose leaf tea in a tea kettle with strainer is a great way to maximize the flavor of your tea, as once again you are more in control than with any bagged leaves. 


Regardless of how you prefer to prepare your tea, this amazing leaf continues to be a versatile and highly enjoyed beverage. Whatever method that gets it done is a wise choice. Tea is wonderful in its complexity of flavor and variety. From infusers to tea pots, there is no wrong way to prepare this fine and classic drink.

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